Revolutionizing Virtual Design with BIM Systems Integration

Project Description

The Vision:
A Top real estate brand franchise, wanted an independent expert to help leverage the concept of BIM (Building Information Management) to re-invent their Product Development and Brand Design Process. Autodesk was the assumed software vendor, but the client needed help from business experts that know how to migrate companies from physical prototypes and 2D CAD design to virtual, 3D, Revit, and Photo Realistic renderings. This new process was driven to revolutionize how the company designed and rolled out new or renovated franchise brands as more efficient and cost effective—increasing the speed to market while staying ahead of the competition.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside the corporation to supplement Autodesk with business expertise, create new Virtual Design Processes, and do a proof of concept of a full BIM 3D design to CAD to CAM (computer aided manufacturing), construction documents, photo realistic renderings, walk-throughs, and fly-bys. We aligned with Autodesk experts on the tools, and pushed the envelope with how far we could go on feasibility to going 100% digital or 3D models and virtual reality. We helped in the planning of required digital assets, Revit families, and Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FFE) data, as well as Revit finishes, and the potential for photo realistic renderings in 3D Studio Max. We provided a proof of concept of all phases of the design and construction process in the new BIM system.

The Relationship:
Many of the ideas prototyped at that time are still being rolled out, brand by brand, vendor by vendor, as the supply chain adopts BIM best practices. HingePoint is right there to help the client with each phase as the industry matures toward a practical and effective use of BIM and 3D modeling, and moves from 2D to 3D digital design and construction processes.

Systems Integrated: Revit, CAD, 3DSMax, Inventor