Real-time Reporting & Analytics Solution for Construction Management


HingePoint helped integrate a construction ERP system with an analytics and reporting system. Generate a full-color FFE report of the full Bill of Materials for a construction or manufacturing project in a user-friendly format for clients, customers, and operations. Export the specifications for all components and a product or asset in a single PDF book or web report.

The challenge:

ERPs don’t have any user-friendly export or reports that a user can download all the Bill of Materials (BOMs) or FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) purchased on a construction project.  Asking the ERP company for custom reports is very slow and expensive. 3rd party reporting tools are very complex and expensive. Manual exports were outdated as soon as you printed them.

The Solution:

  • Create a tool that integrates with the ERP systems such as Oracle, PeopleSoft, SAP, Salesforce, and others
  • Export the data for the BOM daily or in real-time to track the exact status of the information
  • Dump data by project, vendor, date, building, asset, and other key attributes
  • Reports were packaged into user-friendly PDFs and link to jump instantly to the information needed
  • Merge in photos and 3rd party websites to enhance the reports and save time searching

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Reporting – Roll up a summary of all BOM and FF&E data from the ERP system
  • Create a real-time report of the specifications and products in an asset, project, or building
  • Standardize vendor and product data across the enterprise
  • User-friendly PDFs are easy to use in the field, desktop and mobile devices

Who Was Helped:

Construction Estimating, Procurement, construction managers, asset managers, general contractors

System Integrated:

ERPs, Inventory, photos, content management, analytics, reporting, custom application, data import and expert tools, Oracle financials, PeopleSoft