20B$ Electric and Gas Company Develop Oncor.com on SharePoint


Oncor, seeking to modernize their outdated website, collaborated with HingePoint, a Dallas-based SharePoint development firm, for a custom SharePoint solution. The challenge was the difficulty in customizing SharePoint to align with the new branding and design envisioned by their branding firm. Oncor’s internal staff lacked the expertise in custom SharePoint development.

HingePoint provided the solution by leading a technical feasibility assessment and guiding Oncor and the design firm through the technical trade-offs. The project involved creating over 20 custom page templates, custom navigation, footers, styles, themes, and over 50 custom web part functionalities, ensuring the website met both aesthetic and functional requirements.

The ongoing benefits included a great-looking website built in 2019, eliminating the need for Oncor to hire internal experts for such projects. HingePoint led the technical decision-making process, aligning with the company’s objectives.

The project primarily assisted the CMO, Corporate Communications, and CTO of Oncor. SharePoint 2019 on Premise was the primary system integrated. Additional contributions included coaching the internal IT team, working with leadership on branding, training the internal SharePoint team, and creating necessary documentation and training materials. The website was hosted by IBM on the IBM cloud. The summary also mentions before-and-after screenshots of Oncor.com as part of the project’s deliverables.

The Challenge: 

Too hard to customize SharePoint for branding a public website. A huge amount of custom functionality and custom looking design templates, navigation, footer, and other branding looks & feel were needed, but the internal staff didn’t know how to build custom SharePoint.

The Solution: 

Custom Web parts, custom styles, and custom templates. HingePoint lead the technical feasibility assessment, of the requirements, mapping them to out of the box, and custom functionality. We coached Oncor and design firm on technical tradeoffs, showing them what SharePoint can do out of the box and use what it can do first, then customize if necessary. It ended up with over 20 custom page templates, custom navigation, custom footer, all custom looking styles and theme, and over 50 custom web part functionality.

Ongoing Benefits:

Great looking website, built in 2019, don’t need to hire internal experts, get the skills they needed from HingePoint, who lead them all through the technical decisions to meet the company objectives.

Who Was Helped:

CMO, Corp Communications, CTO, we reported to the head of corporate communications, who ultimately advised the CTO on the solution.

Systems Integrated: 

SharePoint 2019 on Premise

Other Details: 

Below are screenshots of before and after of Oncor.com. Coached internal IT by prototyping all custom web parts, to assess what is feasible. Work with leadership on branding. Training internal SP team on how to build in SP 2019. Created training, documentation, Pros/Cons assessment, and taught their developers how to implement the code we developed. It was hosted by IBM on the IBM cloud.


Oncor Website Before Image | Hingepoint


Oncor Website After | Hingepoint