HingePoint’s work and employees are guided by the HingePoint Values.

Our values helps us work on what matters for our customers. It helps us transform our customers into a business that has control of the information so they can build faster.

Like we do for our customers, we want to remove that which prevents us from the important work. Don’t get us wrong, we have no problem with the unglamorous work and working hard to get the job finished.

But just like our customers, we do not want to be bogged down by redundant work or busy work. So in our day-to-day job and while working for our customers, we follow our values. We want you to work faster, as stated in our manifesto.

Our values are what drive us and what makes both of us successful.

HingePoint, Innovation, Values

Innovation – The original meaning of innovation is renewal. That’s all that innovation really does. It renews how we do tasks and live our lives. Think of travel. Technology continuously renewed how we travel. First, there were horse-drawn carriages. Then cars. Then planes. Then rockets that can land themselves. These innovations simply renewed how we traveled.

HingePoint does the same thing, but with how our customers work. We renew or reinvent how customers use technology and work so they can get more done with their resources. With innovation guiding us, we give customers valuable solutions, measurable results, and peace of mind.

Integrity – Furthermore, if we cannot take an honest look at what is preventing HingePoint, Integrity, Valuescustomers from working on what matters, how are we going to reinvent how our customers use technology? More importantly, ethical business practices not only drive how we work with our customers, but how we work with each other at HingePoint. That’s why every morning we have a mistakes discussion. We hop on a call, go over key metrics and discuss what we could have done better the day before, and how to correct it. Our goal is to be honest with one another and gain an honest perspective of our customer’s goals. This takes true integrity.

HingePoint, Leadership, Values

Leadership – We believe to truly be a leader, you need to possess objective and expert advice, hard to find knowledge and skills. It takes true leadership to help a company transform how they work, especially if they have been working a certain way for many years. We help companies do something they’ve never done before. It takes trust, perseverance and leadership to get you there.

HingePoint Service Values


Service – Service is a keystone to any great organization. We are nonexistent without our customers. They keep us in business and we are here to serve them. It’s our job. That means we need to be flexible, have easy and collaborative relationships that serve clients, partners, and associates.

HingePoint Values, Excellence

Excellence –We as humans put unrealistic expectations on ourselves. We know we will never reach perfection but  we as HingePoint employees have made a deal that we will strive for it. While pursuing perfection we will reach some form of excellence that we did not know we could accomplish. This attitude leaves our team wanting to do more, and this philosophy creates great results for our customers by simply asking about our work, “Is this excellent or is it not?”

HingePoint Values, Do As You Say

Do As You Say – How many companies exist that do not deliver on their brand promise? What companies exist that can’t fulfill their promise they made to customers. We are not an exception.

We do what we say. If we say you are going to get ROI on our products and services, you’re going to get ROI. Our word is our bond, both internally and with clients. It’s how we show respect and allows us to be responsive, timely, prepared and to follow through.

Transformation –We have a compulsion to turn potential into achievement. When we take on new customers, our goal is to transform how they work and to continuously transform how we work.

We continuously try to grow and become better and transform ourselves, so we can transform others.