• Custom Power Apps Form
  • Master Project List
  • Custom Power Automate Flows

The Challenge

  • The challenge of user adoption arose when the Power Apps Interface was implemented. We had to train users on how to use it.
  • Integration challenges occurred between Power Apps Interface, Power Automate, and SharePoint Online, requiring careful consideration to ensure seamless data flow.
  • Security concerns surrounding the sensitive project information stored in the SharePoint Online environment were addressed through access control.

The Solutions

  • Power Apps Interface to Easily Create and Audit Project Sites
  • Power Automate to Handle Project Site and Folder Creation
  • SharePoint Online Environment for Project Members to Collaborate


  • “These solutions have streamlined our project management. The Power Apps interface and Power Automate flows make project site creation and auditing easy.”
    – Project Manager
  • “Collaborating on projects used to be a frustrating pain point for my team. Now that everything is in one organized place, with a standardized process, we can finally get our work done in a reasonable time frame.”
    – Project Team Member

Ongoing Benefits

  • Streamlined project site creation for efficient and accountable project management
  • Enforced standardized folder structure with auditing capabilities for consistent organization
  • Enhanced efficiency and consistency with reduced manual effort
  • Improved team communication and accessibility to project information
  • Increased productivity through streamlined processes and better project management
  • Bilingual site creation in English or French

Who Was Helped:

  • Project Management Team

Systems Integrated:

  • SharePoint Online
  • Power Apps
  • Power Automate