Dronomy’s SiteAware Links Drone Data to Revit Models, Transforming Construction Sites with Drones

Drones have a rapidly growing presence at construction sites where they help verify that work has been performed properly, on time, on schedule and according to plan while reducing the subjective manual data. But a big problem that has arisen from the onslaught of [...]

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Spreadsheets vs. SharePoint, Which one Manages Data Better?

We interviewed our lead Project Manager and SharePoint expert to see the difference between Spreadsheets vs. SharePoint. If you’re managing your data in spreadsheets right now, that's probably not the best option for you. A spreadsheet is essentially just a dumb piece of paper that you're writing on. If [...]

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4 Ways to Use SharePoint For Company Data Management

SharePoint is an incredible data management tool that helps organize and find on-demand data for your business. One of the greatest things SharePoint can do is give employees in different departments the ability to have their data easily accessible and organized in one place, [...]

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The Oversimplified Data Management Workflow

If you are just starting to get your feet wet with better data management workflow for your business, here are three key aspects of data that you should consider while creating accurate reports on your KPIs.    We’d like to teach you an oversimplified data [...]

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4 Reasons You Can’t Get the Business Data You Want or Need

Many reasons exist on why you don’t have the data you want or need for your business. It’s no secret that data is becoming important. Companies like AT&T and Amazon have a large Big Data business unit where they are trying to find trends in [...]

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How to Control Human Resource Employee Data

Accurate, up-to-date human resource employee data is crucial for your business If you’re a growing company and you’re onboarding employees and vendors, accurate data on who your employees are and what they are working on is critical for success. Although it sounds like a [...]

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