HingePoint’s CEO Featured on

HingePoint's CEO, Bryce Finnerty, was recently quoted in the article "Unleashing Document Access to Unlimited Users" on Finnerty gave insight on BIM 360 Docs and how they played a role preventing errors and fostering their client relationships. In this case, Finnerty was meeting with [...]

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Using Microsoft SharePoint as a Project Management Solution for Construction Industry

If you are not currently using Office 365 and Microsoft SharePoint to manage your construction projects… you should be! With a few simple configurations, SharePoint can be the foundation for a flexible, user-friendly, and affordable Project Management Information System (PMIS). First, let’s clarify what [...]

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Top 4 Reasons to use SharePoint as a Document Management System

If you have a large organization (like a construction company or commercial real estate firm) and you're managing your documents without a system like SharePoint Online, your documents are probably unorganized, in a variety of systems, and difficult to find. Storage systems like Dropbox [...]

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Generate professional and consistent custom quotes in minutes with Salesforce CPQ

Continuing our series of the Top 4 Salesforce Features to Know and Use in 2018, one of the toughest questions a salesperson receives is “how much does it cost?” The answer to this question can make or break a deal. Not only does the [...]

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Salesforce Analytics is now “Einstein” and has everything from pattern recognition to predictive capabilities

Continuing our series of the Top 4 Salesforce Features to Know and Use in 2018, Salesforce has released a new analytics platform: Einstein. The Einstein platform represents the full spectrum of artificial intelligence (AI) made available for CRM data and management. This includes everything [...]

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The New Secret Weapon for Your Sales Team – Salesforce Quip

Continuing our series of the Top 4 Salesforce Features to Know and Use in 2018, Salesforce has recently released a new product that rivals the collaboration experience of tools such as Microsoft Teams. Salesforce announced the release of their new product Quip at Dreamforce, their [...]

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Top 4 Salesforce Features to Know and Use in 2018

Last week, the HingePoint team attended an information-packed day of learning and networking at the Salesforce Trailhead Live Conference in Dallas, TX. Attendees received insights from both Salesforce executives and executives from other enterprise companies about how to drive innovation and success like never [...]

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HingePoint Takes Home First Place at The Great Game of Business 2017 Workshop

Last week, the HingePoint team traveled south to San Antonio, TX to learn about The Great Game of Business and was awarded 1st place, winning the coveted Mini Game Challenge! The Great Game of Business is designed to show how an open-book management system [...]

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4 Reasons You Don’t Have Clean SharePoint Data

There are many reasons why your organization's SharePoint database doesn't have the clean and trustworthy data you need to run your business efficiently. Most businesses realize the data and documents you store in SharePoint are extremely important. For example, SharePoint is probably your "system [...]

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How to Use Office 365 & SharePoint Online to Build a Perfect Intranet

If your organization has already invested in Office 365, it only makes financial sense to maximize its potential to solve the common challenges around communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. As well as providing your organization with familiar tools (such as Outlook for email and [...]

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