Procore Consulting Development Services

Procore is the number one construction management solution and helps you build faster. Procore helps with the end-to-end construction process:

  • Project Management
  • RFIs Budgeting and Finances
  • Document Management and dashboard reporting

You Only Get One Chance

HingePoint helps companies migrate their data, upgrade their processes and ensure you maximize your investment and ROI in Procore. Roll out Procore to your company right the first time and transform how you work.

When we purchase new tools, we really want to upgrade our business to better serve clients and fuel growth and profitability. We help you work with Procore and understand what parts of your business best fit with Procore features and which systems you need to keep, retire, upgrade or integrate to Procore.

Procore Launches Construction OS at Groundbreak 2017 to Bring More Data Insights to Customers

Procore EVP Marketing and Enterprise Strategy Bassem Hamdy kicks off Procore’s annual Groundbreak 2017. Read our news coverage of where Procore is headed.

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