174 Power Global


  • Large Solar Developer building over 55 utility scale solar plants
  • Created a Document Management System for the enterprise
  • Migrated content from local drives and old SharePoint sites
  • Secured and made auditable user access rights
  • Migrated a Division they acquired into their tenant
  • Project Trackers
  • Land Trackers
  • Compliance and EPA filings trackers

The Challenge

  • A poor migration from Box.net put all files to the root site
  • Poor security allowed anonymous sharing over 1,100 times, rendering most data insecure
  • Need a new collaborative environment for solar plant development
  • Needed tools for securely working with external parties
  • No understanding of SharePoint, Teams or OneDrive so they needed a lot of training and mentoring
  • Support was lacking from MSPs and no IT department

The Solutions

  • SharePoint DMS
  • Teams Collaboration, Viva portal
  • Migration of all files
  • Training of 200 employees
  • Saleforce Integration
  • Division Hub for acquired company

Ongoing Benefits

  • Fully secured DMS
  • All users trained
  • All documents migrated and validated – nothing was lost
  • Enterprise Google-like search
  • Folders standardized for the one-stop-shop
  • SharePoint, Teams, Salesforce help all from one partner, HingePoint
  • Migrated companies they acquired or divested from

Who Was Helped:

  • CEO had a newly organized and user friendly Intranet
  • Legal and compliance team
  • Department managers
  • Staff had a one-stop-shop
  • CIO had a trusted team to develop in an outsourced partner
  • Managers had trackers in SharePoint superior to Excel tools

Systems Integrated:

  • SharePoint
  • Teams
  • Salesforce
  • Flows, Power Automate