Enterprise Document Management Solution


HingePoint created a document search that finds documents from anywhere in the enterprise. Users can look in one place and find the documents you want from Office365, SharePoint, Microsoft File Servers, Autodesk files, and Dropbox. Search by file name, folder name, metadata, date, and other keywords to find exactly what you are looking for.

The challenge:

Companies store data across devices, systems, and servers. Users need access to information in real-time and struggle to find the correct documents and data. Duplicates, and outdated versions, clutter search results. Security blocks access. Users spend up to 50% of their time searching for the right files they need on the job.

The Solution:

  • Enterprise search will index all your files across all systems, servers, and devices
  • Instant search results will give you exactly what you are looking for
  • Metadata can refine searches and customize results
  • Security ensures only the right people see the right information
  • Track who can access your documents and track history of versions

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Instant access to all your documents
  • Use any device and find what you are looking for
  • Secure access across the enterprise, globally
  • Leverage enterprise infrastructure and security tools

Who Was Helped:

Document management, IT Managers, Enterprise security, end-users

System Integrated:

Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, OneDrive, Microsoft File Server, Azure, Dropbox, Box.Net