Continental Property


Users at Continental Property were spending a lot of time searching for project documents, and working without proper naming conventions for key documents. Furthermore, their existing systems required them to upload and downloads documents multiple times between Procore and SharePoint which opened the door to potential version control issues. UI of existing SharePoint was unhelpful. HingePoint Created an enterprise-wide hub system that searches on every site within the environment, improving existing UI and functionality of Continental’s SharePoint system. We also migrated data from File Server to a fresh SharePoint site that enables collaboration and ease of use for permission-setting, and configured HingePoint ProConnector to sync projects to Procore and SharePoint Online Document Management system with a Project Center. We also Trained employees on workflow of documents, and the new way to approach document management.

The Challenge

  • Users were spending copious amount of time searching for project documents
  • Working without proper naming conventions
  • Were having to upload/download documents multiple times between Procore and SharePoint
  • No navigation bar within SharePoint and were unable to work within their department
  • Using file servers and SharePoint, creating duplication​

The Solutions

  • Enterprise-wide hub system
  • Introduced Project Center, where file structures are standardized so you can always find a file within two clicks, helping the client streamline project management
  • Migrated data from File Server to a fresh SharePoint
  • Configured HingePoint ProConnector


  • “Using HingePoint ProConnector to sync SharePoint to Procore has streamlined our processes and allowed us to work more efficiently, ultimately saving the company time and money.”
    – Executive
  • “With a centralized search, finding information across all sites has become much easier and efficient, allowing us to be more productive and effective.
    – End User

Project by the numbers

  • 40+ Sites
  • 100+ Projects
  • 20+ Department Workshops
  • 80+ Document Libraries
  • 20+ Procore Connections
  • 13+ Custom Meta Tags

Ongoing Benefits

  • Powerful Search
  • Standardized Folder Structure
  • Standard Naming Conventions
  • Secure Internal and External Collaboration
  • Auditable System
  • Fully Encrypted Cloud Services

Who Was Helped:

  • The multi-family sections of the company
  • End users’ day-to-day tasks
  • Procore members working with SharePoint