Continental Property


  • We created a SharePoint Online Document Management System with a Project Center
  • This enabled Continental Properties to work, collaborate and find files more efficiently
  • We also used HingePoint ProConnector to create a two-way sync between Procore and SharePoint

The Challenge

  • Users were spending copious amount of time searching for project documents ​
  • Working without proper naming conventions
  • Were having to upload/download documents multiple times between Procore and SharePoint
  • No navigation bar within SharePoint and were unable to work within their department
  • Using file servers and SharePoint, creating duplication​

The Solutions

  • Implemented an enterprise-wide hub system that searches on every site within the environment ​
  • Introduced a Project Center, where file structures are standardized so you can always find a file within two clicks
  • Migrated data from File Server to a fresh SharePoint site that enables collaboration
  • Configured HingePoint ProConnector to sync projects to their Procore instance
  • Trained employees on workflow of documents


  • “Using HingePoint ProConnector to sync SharePoint to Procore has streamlined our processes and allowed us to work more efficiently, ultimately saving the company time and money.”
    – Executive
  • “With a centralized search, finding information across all sites has become much easier and efficient, allowing us to be more productive and effective.
    – End User

Project by the numbers

  • 40+ Sites
  • 100+ Projects
  • 20+ Department Workshops
  • 80+ Document Libraries
  • 20+ Procore Connections
  • 13+ Custom Meta Tags

Ongoing Benefits

  • Powerful Search
  • Standardized Folder Structure
  • Standard Naming Conventions
  • Secure Internal and External Collaboration
  • Auditable System
  • Fully Encrypted Cloud Services

Who Was Helped:

  • The multi-family sections of the company
  • End users’ day-to-day tasks
  • Procore members working with SharePoint

Systems Integrated:

  • HingePoint ProConnector
  • SharePoint Online
  • Procore
  • Power Automate
  • Power BI