Streamline your task management with MS Planner + Teams + SharePoint

Out-of-the-box, MS Planner integrates directly with main Office 365 apps, but in order to avoid a major headache, you’ll want to have a proper integration that syncs in real-time without creating unwanted duplicates task or rogue lists. 

Seamless Task Management with SharePoint, MS Teams, and Planner

Logo for Microsoft Planner, which allows you to create tasks and lists, and then integrate to other Office 365 tools


Create tasks and lists, and then integrate to other Office 365 tools with Microsoft Planner

Logo for Microsoft SharePoint, which allows high visibility to tasks created in MS Planner via SharePoint page integration


Give high visibility to Planner tasks by integrating into SharePoint pages

Logo for Microsoft Teams, where you can view tasks assigned in MS Planner


View tasks assigned in MS Planner directly in your MS Teams page

SharePoint Integration with MS Teams and Planner

SharePoint seamlessly integrates with MS Teams and Planner to create a unified platform for collaboration and task management. This integration allows users to access SharePoint documents directly within MS Teams, facilitating real-time collaboration and information sharing. Planner tasks can be managed and tracked through SharePoint, providing a centralized view of project progress and task assignments.

This cohesive system enhances productivity by streamlining workflows, improving communication, and ensuring that all team members have access to the necessary tools and information within a single intranet environment.

HingePoint's MS SharePoint + Teams + Planner Integration Services:

Icon representing HingePoint's best practices for Integration Services

Provide Best Practices

Through this integration process we’ll guide you through choosing the right settings, training your enterprise team, and migrating data to make sure you’re maximizing user experience.

Icon representing how HingePoint can help keep your Microsoft documents and environment safe

Keeping You Secure

We’ll also guide you through planning  architecture and document security to help you avoid compromising the security of your current Microsoft environment and its associated components.

Procore logo representing how you can take your MS Planner and Teams integrations to other areas of your business with Procore

Integrating into Procore & More

We can help take these Microsoft integrations into other key areas of your business, such as Procore and other document systems like Box.Net, Dropbox, and beyond.

About Microsoft Teams

For Microsoft Office 365 users, MS Teams is the communications hub that will tie your all your other MS apps together into a more streamlined experience. Chat, make phone and video calls, and collaborate on documents all within one window.

MS Teams is designed with an easy out-of-the-box set up. You can quickly integrate into your other O365 systems like SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner, and Outlook, OneNote, etc. But, with the easy setup, we recommend having a good implementation strategy to avoid messy (or insecure) integrations.

Microsoft Teams logo

About Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Office 365 is comprised of many tools that can help streamline your daily workflow, while getting your job done more quickly and effectively. An Office 365 project management tool that’s been recently updated is Microsoft Planner.

Similar to Trello, Planner enables your company’s teams or groups to create multiple task lists associated with different projects or daily to-do checklists. Microsoft Planner helps remove chaos from team collaboration environments.

Microsoft Planner logo

Review Of Microsoft Planner For Project Management

Users can assign tasks, share files, and collaborate through chat to execute a project or plan.

Each plan has its own “board” where the user can organize tasks into different buckets, enabling the user to filter on Due Date, Categories, or by Assigned User. The HingePoint Team recreated our daily task lists using this tool and it seems to work like a charm!

Screenshot of the Microsoft Planner dashboard

“Built for Office 365, Planner lets you attach files to tasks, work together on those files, and even have conversations around tasks without switching between apps. With Planner, all your team’s discussions and deliverables stay with the plan and don’t get locked away across disparate applications.” Learn more about Microsoft Planner from Microsoft.

Want to increase productivity with MS Planner?

Check out our blog on how to manage project tasks more efficiently with MS Planner

A screenshot highlighting Microsoft Planner's filtering capabilities that are similar to SharePoint Lists


Microsoft Planner has many of the same filtering capabilities as SharePoint lists, so it is a niche replacement for tools that previously had to be built from scratch or customized from other list templates.

A screenshot showcasing 0365 Direct Sync, a way to embed Microsoft Planner into your SharePoint Team Site

O365 Direct Sync

The best part about Microsoft Planner is that it syncs directly with the associated Office 365 group. This allows you to embed your team’s plans into your SharePoint Team Site and add value and understanding to what your specified team is working on.

Read our “Top 5 Integration Features of Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online“.

Microsoft Planner provides an out-of-the-box functionality for creating charts for your team’s various assigned tasks. It keeps everyone informed about which tasks are in progress, not started, late, or complete.

Because we customize Microsoft Office 365 for businesses, we’ve even recreated a Microsoft Project plan in Planner to potentially use it as a way to communicate project plans across our organization, without assigning Microsoft Project licenses to all relevant parties. The prototypes track most of the same information that our project managers track throughout a project’s life-cycle and could prove to be a solution for Project Managers across all industries.

Why Work With HingePoint?


Review icon that represents HingePoint's 15 years’ experience with SharePoint, helping over 200 companies implement SharePoint solutions We have over 15 years’ experience with SharePoint and have helped over 200 companies implement SharePoint solutions.

Unique Process

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Our unique process ensures that you get a solution that works for you.

Results Guaranteed

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We are the only company in the industry that dares to offer a performance guarantee.

3 Steps To Success

Data Discover Icon representing HingePoint Software Integration system assessment

System Assessment

After the initial Discovery Call, we’ll review your workflow and systems. If you are already using MS Teams, we’ll document where you are to get moving quickly.

Tools icon that represents how HingePoint will create a unique MS Planner/MS Teams platform that achieves your custom business goals

Design & Development

At this point, we’ll work with your key stakeholders to create and integrate a MS Planner/MS Teams platform that achieves your business goals.

trusted icon that represents how HingePoint will make sure your new system is secure and functioning properly to make sure onboarding and adoption go smoothly.

Test & Deploy

Before we launch, we’ll ensure that your new system is secure and functioning properly to make sure onboarding and adoption go smoothly.

Get Started – Schedule A Discovery Call
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The Idea Lab was the first time we’ve ever had the chance to imagine exactly how we wanted our systems to work, and someone deliver exactly that for us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to set up MS Teams?

Plan on what teams you need, Teams are a summary of people (so 5 people are a team). And on that team, you put all your projects, documents, and collaborate with everyone, all in one place. So get away from management by email! Those days are gone.

Get Help From Our MS Team Data Integration Experts

Does Microsoft Teams work with SharePoint?

Yes. Microsoft Teams creates a Sharepoint site to store your documents and notes from your Teams. We can set up your teams to work with your existing Sharepoint sites to maximize your Office 365 tools.

Learn About The Benefits Of Using SharePoint and Office 365

Can Teams integrate with Procore?

Yes, Microsoft Teams can be integrated with Procore via HingePoint ProConnector!

Learn more about MS Teams and Procore integration

What is Microsoft Planner used for?

Microsoft Planner is similar to Trello in that it is a project management tool that allows companies to create tasks associated with different projects and daily checklists. These tasks can be integrated into other Office 365 tools, such as SharePoint and Teams, making task management even more effective.

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