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Security Tailored to M365 Enterprise, API Integrations and Single Sign On (SSO) .

Secure all your integrations, applications, systems, and devices.

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Your enterprise is unique, so why settle for one-size-fits-all?

Off-the-shelf security solutions like M365 may not provide the necessary protection for unique and complex enterprise environments. 


We create tailored security solutions that secure everything

Our up-to-date expertise and experience can help identify vulnerabilities and safeguard your enterprise with a customized approach:

  • Foundation of any company must be built on security
  • Define “who should see what”
  • Establish the roles in your company
  • Identity management of employees
  • Guest access and secure external collaboration
  • Align the enterprise to your security standards 

Solutions We Offer – Customize the Foundation of Enterprise Security

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Request Access Automation Forms

Our Request Access solution disables the out-of-the-box SharePoint and Teams ability to add or approve users. This allows administrators to control access, ensuring that every user is explicitly granted access by an admin. This includes:

  • A user-friendly form embedded on a SharePoint home page
  • Requests are routed to the appropriate department business approver for approval or rejection
  • Configurable approvers list that can be customized for your company’s groups or roles
  • An audit log built on a SharePoint list, making it easy to keep track of changes
  • The IT team is immediately notified to add the user to the correct security group once approved, ensuring speedy access to business-critical information 
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M365 Sync – Automated Group Sync and Reporting

This solution automates access management by synchronizing Azure Security Group Members with M365 Group Members. This includes a configurable mapping list, automatic addition and removal of members, automated email notifications, and an audit log to keep track of changes. Providing a 100% native SharePoint solution for streamlined administration.

  • Automatically synchronize Azure Security Groups to M365 groups
  • Save time manually adding users to security and office groups
  • Receive automated reporting of who can see what, by group
  • Get notified when users are added or subtracted from security groups
  • Meet compliance regulations, such as SOX Level 1 audit, by implementing internal controls for processes 
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Enterprise-level Security

Our access management solutions empower enterprises to manage security gaps and vulnerabilities by analyzing the current state in M365, benchmarking systems outside of M365, and architecting custom security access models. Partnering with us ensures:

  • Accurate mapping of security groups to data and documents, allowing access only for authorized personnel
  • Customized security groups that meet each system’s unique needs and requirements
  • Robust security protocols that apply to every application and system
  • SSO management that synchronizes groups seamlessly with other applications
  • Implementation of audit tracing that helps maintain security compliance
  • Rigorous security testing to ensure the implemented model is strong and effective
  • Regular, insightful security access reports to keep your team aware of access at every level 
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Identity-level or User Account Security

When it comes to access management, security at the individual level is crucial. We ensure this level of security with the following measures as our foundation:

  • Named user access: a unique account is created for each user
  • Comprehensive tracking: we use Delve to track every user’s activity within the system
  • Clear denials: we can track why access was denied
  • SSO and identity consolidation: we ensure that there is a single identity for each user across all systems, promoting consolidated access management 
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Integration and API-level Security

Ensuring secure integration is crucial in maintaining security in the cloud. We provide comprehensive integration and API security measures that include:

  • Reviewing primary integrations to identify existing and potential vulnerabilities
  • Reviewing and implementing secure integration and endpoint security methods
  • Utilizing best practices for client keys and secret keys to enhance security to the cloud
  • Using equivalent Identity Management solutions such as Okta or Google instead of Azure AD for enhanced identity management
  • Named user access governance for further security measures
  • Guest access accounts to ensure least-privilege access 
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Your Solutions Partner

“HingePoint helped us secure SharePoint, PowerBI, and custom integrations so that we could pass a security audit with the US Military. This was mission critical because we are a military contractor company. ”

CEO, M2 Service, Military Mechanical Services
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Proven Security Deployment Process

Step 1


We analyze your systems to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. 

Step 2


We create a comprehensive security plan that meets your company’s requirements and objectives. 

Step 3


We implement the security plan to get you secure without disruption to your business operations. 

Step 4


We audit and ensure the security evolves with your business and provide ongoing support and maintenance. 

Success Stories

Summary: HingePoint created a document search that finds documents from anywhere in the enterprise.
Summary: HingePoint secures all systems with enterprise-grade authentication from SAML2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools for our clients.
Summary: HingePoint helped integrate a construction ERP system with an analytics and reporting system.

Frequently Asked Questions

To secure an API, you can use HTTPS to encrypt data, use OAuth or OpenID Connect for user authentication, validate user input to prevent injection attacks, implement rate limiting to prevent DDoS attacks, and log API activity to detect potential security breaches.

To customize security in Microsoft 365, you can create many types of custom security groups, assign permissions and roles to users and groups, enable multi-factor authentication, configure conditional access policies, enable, or disable specific features and services, and audit user activity to maintain security compliance. 

To customize security in SharePoint, you can create custom security groups with granular permissions. Additionally, you can configure site settings, sharing settings, or organizational-level features and services based on specific security needs. Lastly, you can control the devices and IP addresses that can access SharePoint. 

To customize security in Teams, you can create and manage custom Teams group policies, assign users and groups to these policies, enable, or disable specific features and services, set up retention policies to keep or delete data, manage guest access and external collaboration. There are numerous settings to secure chat, channels, meetings, and much more.

To set up SSO with Microsoft, you can use Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and add your application to Azure AD, configure authentication settings for your application, then set up the appropriate permissions.

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