Audits and Compliance

Security is hard. We can automate it for you. .

Proving you are secure is a ton of work!

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The Burden of Compliance

Federal, state, country, and client requirements necessitate compliance with regulations, with audits often required. This adds extra work on top of your staff’s regular work, creating stress and slowing down operations. A few examples of this are proving that information is not disclosed (NDAs), retaining documents according to the statute of limitations (7 years for financial data), or showing “who can see what” within your systems. 


Streamline Compliance with SharePoint Automated Solutions

At HingePoint, we provide automated audit and compliance solutions to simplify your workload and streamline your organization’s compliance requirements. With SharePoint we can automate your audits to prove “who sees what” and “who authorized what access”, track approval flows, audit logs, and generate instant reports for auditors to demonstrate that your organization has clear processes with the necessary controls in place. 


Audits and Compliance

Documents and Data all have a lifespan. We must define how long we “want” or “have” to save to address business requirements. Do you need Access to historical data? Do you want to purge old data? Here is how it works: 

Index inventory of documentsCreate a comprehensive list of all the documents owned by an organization
Index inventory of dataCreate a comprehensive list of all the data owned by an organization
Define data dictionaryEstablish a standardized approach to naming conventions, data formats, and descriptions to ensure  consistency in data management
Define content typesCreate a consistent classification system for structuring your organization’s content
Define Document typesCreate a consistent classification system for structuring your organization’s documents
Define meta data taxonomyDevelop a standardized approach and classification system for tagging content with descriptive data
Define term store (Microsoft)Establish a hierarchical set of terms that can be used to classify and organize data in a consistent manner within a Microsoft environment 
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Prepare for an Audit

We can ensure you pass an audit if you follow our process. The following steps are necessary to prepare you for an audit:

  • Gather audit requirements, including the documents and data required to be audited
  • Identify the specific documents and data required for audit
  • Map all the required information to the audit log 
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Compliance with regulations is necessary for most of our clients. With SharePoint we make it easy for you to comply:

  • Define audit requirements to identify compliance gaps
  • Maintain an audit trail as proof of compliance
  • Create and implement a plan to address any audit issues
  • Setup and manage compliance with the Microsoft Purview Compliance portal 
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Retention Policies

Compliance with statutory regulations often requires organizations to store information for a set period. We ensure your data is retained and secured:

  • Implement retention policies for SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, and Devices
  • Keep files safe and secure in retention, even if someone mistakenly deletes them
  • Manage and monitor through the retention policy settings 
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Your Solutions Partner

“HingePoint helped us secure SharePoint, PowerBI, and custom integrations so that we could pass a security audit with the US Military. This was mission critical because we are a military contractor company. ”

CEO, M2 Service, Military Mechanical Services
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Proven Security Deployment Process

Step 1


We analyze your systems to identify vulnerabilities and opportunities for improvement. 

Step 2


We create a comprehensive security plan that meets your company’s requirements and objectives. 

Step 3


We implement the security plan to get you secure without disruption to your business operations. 

Step 4


We audit and ensure the security evolves with your business and provide ongoing support and maintenance. 

Success Stories

Summary: HingePoint created a document search that finds documents from anywhere in the enterprise.
Summary: HingePoint secures all systems with enterprise-grade authentication from SAML2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools for our clients.
Summary: HingePoint helped integrate a construction ERP system with an analytics and reporting system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Launched in 2021, Purview is a web-based tool to help organizations comply with regulatory requirements. It can help organizations manage their compliance needs by assessing compliance risks, setting up policies and controls, and monitoring compliance. 

Purview provides a centralized location for viewing and managing auditing data across Microsoft 365 services. It can help organizations identify potential security risks by tracking user and admin activity in various Office 365 apps and services and provide alerts and reports for review and analysis.

To set up retention policies, you can follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Microsoft Purview compliance portal > Data lifecycle management > Microsoft 365 > Retention Policies.
  2. Select New retention policy and name it.
  3. Choose Adaptive or Static policy.
  4. For Adaptive policy, select adaptive scopes and locations. For Static policy, select locations.
  5. Specify configuration options for retaining and deleting content.
  6. Complete the configuration and save your settings.

Once your retention policy is created, it will be automatically applied to the assigned content locations, and you can manage and monitor it through the retention policy settings. 

Microsoft AIP is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses identify, classify, and protect sensitive information. AIP can help organizations comply with various regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, and other industry-specific regulations. It enables users to classify and label documents and emails with sensitivity labels which can control access based on permissions and location of the user. Additionally, AIP provides data protection features such as encryption and automatic data classification. 

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a cloud-based solution that offers advanced threat protection and cloud access security broker (CASB) capabilities. It offers visibility, control, and protection over cloud apps, data, and users across multiple cloud services. With MCAS, organizations can enforce access policies and detect and prevent cybersecurity threats targeting cloud services. It can also help businesses comply with regulations such as GDPR and HIPAA by enforcing data protection policies, auditing user activity, and providing security analytics and reports.

Automated compliance monitoring, including automated compliance tools and compliance automation tools, offers numerous advantages. By implementing automated compliance monitoring on platforms like SharePoint, organizations can:

  • Reduce the workload associated with audit preparations.
  • Enhance the efficiency of data analytics and collection processes.
  • Enable more timely compliance reporting with automated compliance reporting, significantly lowering compliance risks.
  • Decrease the likelihood of human errors through automated compliance systems.

SharePoint Server supports various regulatory compliance standards, including PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, and GLBA. These regulations safeguard different types of personally identifiable information (PII), each with specific requirements, from cardholder data to health information. Automated compliance templates on SharePoint can ensure efficient adherence to these standards.

SharePoint can support HIPAA compliance as part of an Office 365 or Microsoft 365 Enterprise plan. It meets HIPAA requirements when appropriately configured to control access, and a Business Associate Agreement is in place. Automated compliance templates on SharePoint help securely maintain and share protected health information (PHI), enhancing compliance efficiency.

SharePoint Server utilizes FIPS-compliant cipher suites for its security-related encryption, contributing to its FISMA certification. This demonstrates the robust encryption standard employed by SharePoint, enhancing the platform’s security and compliance capabilities.

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