Document Security and Collaboration with Enterprise Single Sign On


HingePoint secures all systems with enterprise-grade authentication from SAML2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) tools for our clients. We take security as seriously as you do, therefore we use the same user IDs and login tools that you specify. We secure all document and collaboration access with professional-grade technology

The challenge:

All enterprises have security protocols, yet most 3rd party partners use them. This creates an environment where any 3rd party tool is not secured with enterprise IDs and all tracking and management of access is lost. Worse, it creates extra work to add users to 3rd party tools.

The Solution:

  • Integrate user security with enterprise credentials through SAML2.0, OAuth, Active Directory or Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Develop applications that users can easily access without entering a password through Single Sign On (SSO)
  • Secure Microsoft, SharePoint, Analytics, and other apps with credentials from Microsoft Active Directory, Autodesk IDs, Facebook IDs, Google IDs, and others.
  • Know exactly who is accessing your data and applications, especially those developed by us at HingePoint

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Totally secure access from your own IT standards
  • Easy single sign-on so your users don’t have to enter their password once logged in
  • A trusted partner in enterprise security of document and data
  • Securely share documents and collaborate with external partners, clients, and vendors

Who Was Helped:

IT Managers, Enterprise security, end-user, construction collaborators

System Integrated:

Microsoft, Active Directory (AD), Single Sign On (SSO), OAuth2.0, SAML2.0, Google IDs, Facebook IDs, Okta