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Dallas Based Consulting and Development Services. Integrating SharePoint with Salesforce, Dynamics, Revit, BIM, and Financial Dashboards

What are you waiting for? Get Control of Your Systems and Your Company Now.

Problems We Solve

Financial Data Problems

Your business is scaling fast. You’re afraid you’re focusing on the wrong customers. You cannot see the whole picture of your business. Spreadsheets proliferate your business. You feel like you’re always looking in the rearview mirror. Your data is outdated and inaccurate.

Project Management Problems

Sharing data is causing communication problems with your teams. You’re uncertain what projects are truly profitable and high priority. You’re not sure who is overworked or underutilized. Your team cannot see the full picture. You need a better way to communicate.

Data Entry and Software Integration Problems

You have a dedicated high-level employee who tracks down data to report on the health of the business. Your tools like SharePoint don’t work like they should. Data is stuck in spreadsheets and creating reports takes too long. You need your data to report to you.

HingePoint System of Record Ebook Cover Photo

If your data is not in one place, you’re probably not communicating effectively and working efficiently. Read our free eBook to learn more.


Control Your Critical Data

Automate critical data in systems like SharePoint and Revit. Clean and organize the data you have. Create tools and integrations to capture the critical data you want to run your business.

SharePoint Tools

-Automate data by customizing software like SharePoint

-Manage Documents and collaborate better

-Build a custom intranet solution

BIM, AutoCAD and Revit

-Create a custom Revit plugin

-Migrate from AutoCAD to Revit

-Create a BIM strategy for clash detection and better business plans

Salesforce, Dynamics CRMs

– Optimize and customize your CRM

– Automate sales funnel reporting and workflow

– Integrate your CRM with your website, estimating, and project management

Work with an Enterprise Architect, Data Management Expert

Bryce Finnerty has more than 25 years of customizing enterprise software so business owners can take control of their critical data and maximize their business. 

Finnerty founded HingePoint, a startup that works with mid-market, growing companies that see technology as a strategy to get more done, visualize critical data trends, and report on vital business metrics. 

Finnerty has created a unique process that thoroughly detects all data a company has internally. 

HingePoint builds a roadmap made of efficient processes and better technology to get the data a company needs or wants. HingePoint then builds tools to better collect old and new types of data. The company makes it easy to visualize and find data on demand, through dashboards and intranets, and by making information searchable across the enterprise. 

Finnerty’s broad systems expertise includes and not limited to SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, Revit, Procoreand Navisworks. HingePoint has worked with companies like Marriott, Chick-fil-A, DR Horton, and Tyson Foods.

Packages We Sell