Pearl Interactive Network


Pearl Interactive Network’s Department and Program teams were working in multiple locations with no one source of truth, and most of the data was being stored under the root level site or sub sites of the root, making it hard to secure sensitive data. What’s more granting access and onboarding was difficult due to lack of security governance. needed to improve the sharing, security and collaboration of critical documents, project assets and collateral.  HingePoint designed and built a custom SharePoint Online Document Management System (DMS), created custom training guides and implemented multiple 1:1 training sessions with key Pearl Interactive team members (and group sessions) to ensure smooth transition to a more connected document sharing/securing system.

The Challenge

  • Disparate teams were working in silos, without document version control, leading to reports and estimations being different, depending on the location of workers.
  • Data was insecurable due to arrangement of file storage – at the root level site and sub sites.

The Solutions

  • Document Management System built on SharePoint Online
  • Custom training guides, 1-on-1 and group training sessions
  • Lock down Department and Program sites with security groups to manage user access
  • Flatten Department and Program site folder structures


  • “The new system has greatly improved the efficiency of our organization. The Program Center has been key to efficiency and having all documents in one place.- COO
  • “I’m loving the new SharePoint Online DMS! The migration was smooth, and the training sessions were a huge help in getting everyone up to speed.”-VP of IT

Project by the numbers

  • 15 Department sites and 14 Program Sites
  • 29 sites protected with 130 security groups, granting different access levels
  • Migrated 280 GB of data with 207,770 files and 26,033 folders

Ongoing Benefits

  • Powerful Search
  • Standardized Folder Structure
  • Standard Naming Conventions
  • Secure Internal and External Collaboration
  • Auditable System
  • Fully Encrypted Cloud Services

Who Was Helped:

  • Pearl Employees across multiple departments (Finance, AP, AR, Payroll, Contracts, Business Development, TA, HR, E-Learning, Operations, Executive, IT and Marketing)
  • The prime contractors, government agencies and commercial enterprises who rely on Pearl to support them