Construction Renovation Project Management & Workflow Automation Solution


HingePoint helped a top global brand with over 3,000 properties standardize the renovation and Property Improvement Process (PIP). Using mobile iPad field tools, you can rapidly assess a property, and scope out a renovation, and automate the documentation needed.  This solution maximizes site field visits and property inspections.

The challenge:

An old paper clipboard process of walking properties was slow and difficult. The experience was error-prone and the experience to hotel owners was not optimal. Field inspections were subjective and created inconsistencies across the portfolio of assets. The process was slow and time-consuming and the asset owner experience was not impressive. Technology was absent from the end to end process.

The Solution:

  • HingePoint standardized the 6-, 12-, and 18-year renovation scope items
  • Developed options for 5 different brands and a history of “generations” of real estate
  • Converted from paper to iPad tools for rapid PIP (property improvement plans)
  • Integrated photos and video from PIP inspections to the renovation scope
  • Automated the Scope document creation, converting the Checklist to a Word Document Scope of the Renovation
  • Analytics and reporting on all the open and active renovation and PIPs in the pipeline

Ongoing Benefits:

  • Reporting – Roll up a summary of all renovation property inspections pending and past due
  • Track the status of a site inspection and findings
  • Standardize the site inspection process
  • Mobile and iPad tools replace paper and clipboards
  • Automate the reporting and scope of renovations documentation

Who Was Helped:

Site inspectors, real estate operations, basset managers, franchisees, general contractors, construction firms

System Integrated:

Cloud, mobile and analytics forms and reporting on AWS and Adobe PDF and Microsoft Office365 for Word document writing of renovation scope documents.