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Case Studies: BIM Systems Integration & Technology

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Commercial real estate development is a complex space where developers, architects, engineers and contractors collaborate to design, build and manage structures. The advent of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and related technology has greatly enabled collaboration through unified digital processes. It has also created a complex set of systems that can be difficult to manage and add to systems management time and bottom line costs.

Building Information Modeling solutions are possible on virtually any system or technology platform, but there are clear best practices and recent advances in 2D and 3D modeling, project collaboration and cloud computing for mobile that can transform your business into an efficient profit machine. We’re here to help you discover what they are so you can get back to doing what you do best. Somewhere between your existing desktop tools, enterprise platforms and corporate business intelligence, are the ingredients we use to create solutions tailor-fit exactly to your vision/needs. Our goal is to help you “develop systems that work the way you wished they would” with a positive return on investment.

We’re fluent in most real estate development and AEC technologies including Revit, AutoCAD, BIM 360 and Buzzsaw and have expertise in integrating these systems with enterprise platforms including SharePoint, Salesforce, Office365, AdobePDF, Oracle PeopleSoft and TRIRGA and more.  We are experts at working with the APIs and creating custom applications that tie all your systems and enable you to achieve BIM with ROI.

Here are just a few of the systems we’ve successfully integrated:

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HingePoint BIM Systems Integration Case Studies


Customized Autodesk Buzzsaw Pro Forms Workflow

We customized Buzzsaw functionality by exporting data for analysis and importing into TRIRIGA to provide maximum program flexibility. Our solution enhanced user experience, eliminated 95% of systems maintenance and admin efforts, improved adoption by 300%, and increased system ROI by nearly 500%.


Automating Project Management wtih Autodesk Buzzsaw Sharepoint Integration

We integrated project management tasks with the desktop environment and programs for easier and seamless task management and reporting. Our Autodesk Buzzsaw and Sharepoint integration solution leveraged existing platforms to work on mobile devices, streamlined operations by over 80%, improved adoption by 200%, and eliminated all redundant systems.


AEC Project Management Siebel Systems Integration

We centralized and standardized AEC project management between Seibel, Buzzsaw and other systems for a 20,000+ member team. Our solution eliminated redundant data entry, saved hundreds of hours of time, reduced data errors by 200%, and extended the lifecycle of existing platforms by years.


Improving Franchise Brand Renovation Automated Solutions

We streamlined franchise renovation projects with custom Adobe PDF document population that provided necessary forms and clear brand standards to ensure clarity. Our solution saved over 80% of form data costs, reduced data entry time to almost zero, increased mobile workforce efficiency, and reduced PIP and site effort by over 50%


Aligning Branding Standard with Autodesk Buzzsaw Websites

We created a solution for custom Buzzsaw websites, that enhances team cooperation while maintaining security. Our solution reduced document storage costs by 50%, eliminated printing and mailing document sets, and cut a 3 year construction design process down by 6 months.


Simplifying BOM and FFE with CAD to PDF Book Solution

We developed a custom web interface that enabled users to automate the collection of BOM & FFE items from CAD into a PDF Book. Our solution drastically reduced change orders, improved procurement accuracy by over 50%, and decreased write-offs from errors.


Revolutionizing Virtual Design with BIM Systems Integration

We shaved 6 months off the design process by building a seamless bridge between 2D CAD to 3D modeling, pushing the envelope in Building Information Modeling by providing photorealistic, 3D virtual design renderings.

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