SharePoint Promises…

  • One Place For All Documents
  • Virtual Team Collaboration
  • Integrated Company Data

But, it’s difficult to implement. Your users aren’t fully adopting the system… yet.

You’re not alone! A recent study indicates nearly 60% of organizations that have implemented Microsoft SharePoint are struggling with adoption.

The solution? Build a system your user will love.

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SharePoint Services We Provide

SharePoint Consulting Services


Why go at it alone when our expert SharePoint consultants can guide you on how to make your business more efficient? Have questions about how to use SharePoint for your unique situation? Benefit from our years of experience helping companies just like yours!

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Microsoft SharePoint Development Services

Custom Development

SharePoint doesn’t come with everything right out of the box. Our certified SharePoint developers program it to meet your unique business goals. We’re ready to tackle the challenge. No matter the technical challenge, we can help you benefit from SharePoint!

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SharePoint Migration Services

Migrating to SharePoint

Employees will love SharePoint much more than a traditional file server. Documents will be organized and easy to access. Be the hero who gives them the gift of an easy transition to SharePoint. We do the heavy-lifting of moving documents, data, and security into SharePoint, Azure, Procore, and Office 365.

Move to SharePoint
SharePoint Hub Sites

SharePoint Hub Sites

Utilize SharePoint Online hub sites in Office 365 to organize concepts, teams, divisions, or resources throughout your organization. If you’re trying to customize SharePoint Hubs or SharePoint online hubs to meet your organization’s unique needs, we can help!

SharePoint Hub Sites
SharePoint Document Management

Data & Document Management

Like most organizations, your documents are probably unorganized, in a variety of systems, and difficult to find. SharePoint was created to manage documents and data, making them organized, in one place, and easy to find. (Your employees will thank you.)

Document Management Solution
SharePoint Intranet Development Services

Company Intranet

Internal company networks don’t have to be complicated. SharePoint acts as a file sharing system that’s easy to adopt, reduces costs, and helps your company run more efficiently. The best part? You don’t have to figure it out yourself! Intranets can be confusing. We’ll do the work for you.

Intranet Consulting & Development
SharePoint Project Management

Project Management

What if you could automate project management workflows? With the right data at your fingertips, you’ll be less stressed and more efficient, See how we can help make project management easy for any industry, including the construction industry and real estate industry.

Project Management Solution
SharePoint and CRM Integration

CRM Integration

Decided that SharePoint’s right for you? We’ll help you integrate SharePoint with your current CRM (such as Salesforce or Procore) so that the systems talk to each other, eliminating communication hurdles within your organization. Automatically share key sales data with other departments (like Operations) and more.

Integrate Your CRM With SharePoint
Performance Dashboards in SharePoint (Microsoft Power BI)

Performance Dashboards

Quickly see updated KPIs of the whole company or dig deeper into the data. Updated, easy-to-understand data means you won’t have to manually compile stats from different platforms, so you’ll have more time to spot trends and quickly be able to identify problems (and opportunities).

Integrate Power BI Dashboards
SharePoint Financial Dashboards

Financial Dashboards

Detect issues and make course corrections early. Automatically keep track of financial progress over time. We’ll help you create financial dashboards that visually show your key financial metrics in one place, giving you confidence that you’re focusing on the right priorities.

Financial Dashboard Reporting

Why Work with HingePoint?


We have over 15 years’ experience with SharePoint and have helped over 200 companies implement SharePoint solutions.

Unique Process


Our unique process ensures that you get a solution that works for you.

Results Guaranteed

We are the only company in the industry that dares to offer a performance guarantee.

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Case Studies

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Harwood International implemented a company-wide intranet, project management and document management in SharePoint that integrated 53 operating companies with a potential $14M savings in efficiency and 30X ROI

Marriott logo

Marriott Architecture & Construction goes mobile with SharePoint for field construction on iPads potentially saving 100’s of hours per hotel construction project with a 15X ROI.

Gordon Highlander logo

Gordon Highlander needed a Construction Work Log in SharePoint bringing visibility to the status of all projects, reducing PM effort from 28 to 12 hours per project for 240% increase.

Verizon logo

Verizon automated 500 projects across the country with SharePoint integrating 5 systems for a PM Dashboard and achieved 7X ROI.

Our 3-Step Process »

We migrated all our network drives from 50 states into Office365 SharePoint Online libraries. It now powers our intranet and extranet.” 

IT Director

We prototyped Office365 and compared it to Google Docs for our entire school district across 7 campuses. From teachers to students, online accesses from anywhere. Amazing.

Director of Systems
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HingePoint's Roadmap for a Successful Deployment

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Analysis & Scoping

We scope the solution to your specific requirements, budget and timeline. Tailored to you.


Design & Develop

We’ll work with your key stakeholders to create and/or integrate solutions that achieve your business goals.


Test & Deploy

We fully test, secure, and deploy your solution. Training users to maximize adoption and enjoy the benefits.

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SharePoint Consulting

What is SharePoint used for?

SharePoint is used for document management, intranets, and collaboration in Microsoft 365.

How do I access SharePoint?

Log in to with your MS account and select SharePoint off the list of applications.

What can SharePoint integrate with?

SharePoint can integrate with almost anything with an open API, including Procore. Or you can build custom integrations to sync documents and data between SharePoint and other platforms

What is a SharePoint list?

SharePoint list is used to hold data like a database or Excel sheet, and it can hold millions of records.

What is SharePoint Designer?

SharePoint Designer was used to create SharePoint workflows and has now been replaced with Microsoft Power Platform that includes flows and power apps.

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