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Get control of your customer data and automate the sales funnel to increase revenue.

If you have a fear that you might be focusing on the wrong customer, it might be time to consider a CRM.

You can see a lot about your customers instantly:

  • Qualified leads
  • Revenue per customers
  • Meeting notes
  • Key sales metrics
  • …and more!

Making CRM Sales Funnels Simple with Software

Because we’re experts at CRM (customer relationship management) enterprise architecture and advanced programming, we can take complex integrations and make them easy and simple to use.

Are you on Excel, SmartSheet or basic tools? Get with the times. Competitors are getting ahead.

HingePoint's 3-Step Process

Request a Discovery Meeting

Request a Discovery Meeting

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and current challenges to determine of there is a fit to perform the in-depth assessment.

Perform the Assessment

Perform the Assessment

We’ll perform a free workshop with your team and do a deep dive into your business and create a road map of solutions with the highest ROI.

Get Your Business Case

Get Your Business Case

We present our findings to your team, laying out the business case and implementation plan to transform your business and get a 4 X ROI or greater.

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CRM Integration & Data Services
3 Ways We Help You with Your CRM


CRM Integration

Connect Your CRM to other software

  • Eliminate communication blunders with other departments.
  • Automatically share key sales data with other departments (like Operations).
  • Automatically build reports in Microsoft Power BI from your CRM to see key sales metrics.

CRM Data Management

Move Your Data to Online Digital Tools

  • Remove the burden of offline tools that create errors and are hard to maintain
  • Eliminate the need to constantly update data manually
  • Have trusted experts move your data to better tools and clean the data

CRM Data Migration

Get Better Tools to Eliminate Errors

  • Let data flow from one software to another kind of software
  • Eliminate human errors by removing manual & redundant work
  • Increase security by giving access to employees who need data to make decisions
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These consultants found ways to weave data from many of our tools into one perfectly simple solution we all use every day.

Construction Manager

I didn’t know we could brand and customize Buzzsaw. We just love how it looks now and it is so much easier to use.

Director of Business Systems

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