Frustrating = Your Current Document Management System

Your current system for managing files is wasting your time and others (and your company’s money).
  • Electronic documents get overwritten (without simple version control).
  • You can’t easily collaborate across departments.
  • It takes forever to find that file you need.
  • Oh, and the server just crashed… again.

You’re not alone. We see it all the time.

Your entire company wasn’t meant to be run by a million different systems

Document management software can quickly become outdated.

Don’t smash a computer.

SharePoint can help »

Document Management System Frustration

Don’t try this at home (or at work).

The Solution? Use SharePoint as Your Document Management System (DMS)

Why Use SharePoint for Document Management?

By using Microsoft SharePoint Online (part of Office 365), you won’t have the headaches of your current DMS. Your employees will be more productive, efficient, and whatever other buzzword you want to throw in here. But seriously… if implemented correctly, SharePoint’s DMS features mean that:

  • Storing documents will be blazing fast.
  • Organizing document libraries won’t take a rocket scientist.
  • Finding the right file or template will be as simple as searching Google.
  • Collaboration can actually happen, anytime, from anywhere, on desktop or mobile.
  • Multiple users will be able to edit a file at the same time.
  • Workflows will be seamless.
  • User Permissions: Unauthorized file access will be a thing of the past.
  • Data can be pulled in from a wide range of software used by your company.
  • ✓ Managing document metadata will be a breeze.
  • Regulatory compliance through records management won’t be intrusive.

Employees love SharePoint document management software much more than traditional file servers.

Did we mention that you will have better access to your company’s data and easily be able to report on key metrics?

Yep, it’ll make your job easier while saving the company money. In fact, here’s our list of the top 10 reasons to use SharePoint for document management

SharePoint Document Management Success

Yep. You’ll actually jump for joy… while wearing a suit.

Benefits of SharePoint Management Services

Once you’ve integrated SharePoint, you’ll have a digital business hub. All documents and data will be in one place:

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SharePoint Document Management Graph

Here’s The Catch…

These benefits only happen if you properly implement SharePoint and integrate it with other company systems. SharePoint can be tricky to set up in a way that works seamlessly for your specific organization. It doesn’t come that way out of the box. That’s where we come in.

Together, we can build a system your users will love

Why Work with HingePoint?


With over 15 years of experience, we have helped over 200 companies migrate to SharePoint solutions

Unique Process


Our unique process ensures you’ll effectively use SharePoint as a DMS

Guaranteed Results

We are the only company in the industry that offers a results-based guarantee

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Case Studies: SharePoint Document Management

Top 10 Reasons To Use SharePoint As A Document Management System

Microsoft SharePoint logoSharePoint is Microsoft’s document management system in Office 365.

Is SharePoint a good document management system? We think so. Here’s some of the top reasons why SharePoint is a useful DMS.

Microsoft says you can do the following with SharePoint:

  1. Store, organize, and locate documents and digital files.
  2. Ensure the consistency of documents.
  3. Manage metadata for documents.
  4. Help protect documents from unauthorized access or use.
  5. Ensure consistent business processes (workflows) for how documents are handled.

But, it gets even better…

We See 5 More Top Benefits Of SharePoint Document Management:

  1. Security: If you are managing by email, then chances are good that you’re blasting your company with sensitive information. Management by email is not only cumbersome and ineffective, it’s also not secure. From a security perspective, it’s a lot safer to leave important documents behind a firewall where employees can get it when they need it, instead of sending it through email.
  2. Single Sign-On: SharePoint is also great at giving you access to all the apps you need with one sign-on. Instead of continuously signing into different systems and software, SharePoint is your single sign-on.
  3. Version History: Again… if you’re managing by email, there is a better way! Another thing that SharePoint can really help with is version history. Sometimes in corporate environments, a document will be emailed back and forth and it gets difficult to determine which is the most up-to-date version. With SharePoint, you can check out documents, have employees edit them, and then check them back into SharePoint.
  4. Automation: According to Microsoft, a SharePoint workflow is like an automated flowchart that takes a lot of the labor, guesswork, and randomness out of standard work processes. SharePoint can ensure employees have the appropriate approval to access and edit the document, removing the guesswork from employees.
  5. Easy Team Collaboration: It’s easy to work on projects when the documents your team needs are in one place. Microsoft even says that SharePoint lets you “Collaborate effortlessly and securely with team members inside and outside your organization, across PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.”Learn how Microsoft Planner makes collaborating with SharePoint even easier.

However, SharePoint can be tricky to implement.

We have the experience to help. See how our expert SharePoint consultants and developers can make it a breeze.

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Harwood International implemented a company-wide intranet, department document management in SharePoint and Enterprise Search $14M savings in efficiency and 30X ROI

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Marriott Architecture & Construction goes mobile with SharePoint for field construction documents on iPads potentially saving 100’s of hours per hotel construction project with a 15X ROI.

Lamb-Star Engineering – needed a Construction Work Log in SharePoint daily team assignments, daily report, and document management bringing visibility to the status of all projects, reducing daily log work by 70% decrease. – migrated file servers from 50 state offices to SharePoint online, workflow, and secure access intranet and extranet 20X ROI.

Your Roadmap for SharePoint Document Management Success

Decide How You Want it to Function

  • What do you want SharePoint to be able to do?
  • You’ll want to get input from employees about what they like and dislike about the current system.
  • Design the functionality and capabilities you want.

Connect Your Business Systems

  • Find a SharePoint expert who will customize SharePoint to meet your needs and that can integrate it into your other systems.
  • We’ve helped over 200 companies.

Implement & Optimize It

  • Roll out your vastly-improved method of managing documents and projects.
  • Continuously improve how SharePoint works, making your employees even more efficient and your processes stronger.
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We migrated all our network drives from 50 states into Office365 SharePoint Online libraries. It now powers our intranet and extranet.” 

IT Director

We prototyped Office365 and compared it to Google Docs for our entire school district across 7 campuses. From teachers to students, online accesses from anywhere. Amazing.

Director of Systems

These consultants found ways to weave data from many of our tools into one perfectly simple solution we all use every day.

Construction Manager

Data Management with SharePoint

“Many companies spend more time looking for the right data than actually making decisions based on the information they have. Think about the last project you had and how much of your effort was placed in finding the right information.” -Bryce Finnerty (HingePoint CEO and Founder)

Microsoft responded early to the coming age of data overload.

SharePoint was created to manage your documents at your company.

If you have a large organization (like a construction company or commercial real estate firm) and you’re managing your documents without a system like SharePoint Online (in Office 365), your documents are probably unorganized, in a variety of systems, and difficult to find.

Is SharePoint a document management system (DMS)? Yes, SharePoint is Microsoft’s document management system (DMS) in Office 365.

Storage systems like Dropbox and Google Drive do work very well for some. However, they are far from ideal when your company needs to share files and collaborate efficiently across different departments, or externally with contractors or vendors.

Not having a document management system or the collaboration tools to keep everything organized and secure will end up costing you in the long run. What you need is a document management system that will place your files in a hierarchy. Microsoft Office 365 has a built-in document management system… it’s called SharePoint Online.

“As I talk with organizations around the world, it is clear they are not coping with the explosion of digital data – and that manifests itself as employees struggle to find and act on the information they need,” Microsft CEO Satya Nadella

If you get the right SharePoint consultant who knows document management, the information you need is organized and at your fingertips. This dramatically increases productivity. You can make decisions faster with the right information easily accessible.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Microsoft SharePoint A Document Management System?

It’s a great way to store documents online, but maintaining it takes a lot of time and effort. Especially if you’re working at a larger company where there are lots of different departments using it.

Learn more about using Sharepoint as a document management system. 

What Is A Document Management System?

A document management system helps manage digital documents including Microsoft Office files. We live in an age where security, reliability, and customization must be at the forefront of our minds when developing any type of application. Swapping out an old document management system for a new one could potentially increase efficiency and save money.

Learn how to use a document management system to your benefit. 

Why Use SharePoint For Document Management?

By using Microsoft SharePoint Online (part of Office 365), you won’t have the headaches of your current DMS. Your employees will be more productive, efficient, and whatever other buzzword you want to throw in here.

Learn 10 reasons why you should use Sharepoint as a document management system.