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2D CAD to 3D Mobile

We have transformed traditional real estate developers using paper-based drawings into a company that used 3D models on their mobile phones. We sped up new building designs, helped visualize and approve designs with the city authorities, investors and potential buyers twice as fast.

Financial Dashboard

We rethought how a big real estate firm reported on financial data. They were creating 20-page PDF documents for 30 projects each month. We made the data in those PDFs automatically report into one secure page on their internal web. Now they get the information on an interface at the push of a button.

Scaling and saving time

We worked with a company that builds and operates 4,500 properties. They used a paper-based drawing review and collaboration workflow. We created digital interface using simple PDF documents of drawing packages. In certain cases turnaround times were reduced from three weeks to three days due to the automation of workflow.

We reinvent how you use technology with these services

Our turn-key solutions for building information modeling give you the ability to plan, estimate and execute BIM with precision. Results Guaranteed…Literally Guaranteed®.
This powerful plugin will save 100’s of hours in Autodesk® Revit® BOM data analysis, reporting and quantity estimation. Create clear BOM reports beautifully formatted and exported instantly to Excel.
Our team can handle all of your Revit content development needs including: Revit family development, Revit 3D modeling, 2D to 3D CAD to Revit conversions and data migration.
Scale your portfolio efficiently using “virtual prototypes“. Our detailed models can be used for construction documentation for permit and drawing submissions.

Systems We Specialize In:

We make special solutions for each customer and address root causes

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Customers Who Trust the HingePoint Way

About the HingePoint Way

  • Our unique, trusted process, The HingePoint Way, ensures we both understand the root problem slowing you down.
  • We have hundreds of collaborative exercises to determine what’s holding you back and the best path forward for your company.
  • Our process has been trusted by the best brands in the world, and is the way we create a special solution for you.

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We understand the architecture, engineering & construction industry

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