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Get Control of Your Construction and Manufacturing Data

Construction and manufacturing businesses run into several problems when using software. Often systems or software are old and don’t work the way they should. Other times, the way the software is setup slows down work with lots of redundant data entry and manual work.

HingePoint helps you build faster by upgrading and customizing the Autodesk suite of tools. We do everything from Autodesk and AutoCAD consulting to building custom plugins and setting up Revit families.

HingePoint Autodesk Consulting and Development Services

HingePoint is an authorized member of the Autodesk Development Network (ADN). Every year we go to Autodesk University to learn how we can use new technology to serve our customers better.

We have the capability to develop with all Autodesk APIs. We’ve successfully integrated Autodesk with legacy systems like SharePoint, Office 365, Salesforce, and many more.

AutoDesk Consulting
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HingePoint's 3-Step Process

Request a Discovery Meeting

Request a Discovery Meeting

We’ll spend some time learning more about your business and current challenges to determine if there is a fit with our expertise and values.

Get a Free Assessment

Get a Free Assessment

We’ll perform a scoping session with your team and do a deeper dive into your requirements and recommend potential solutions with the highest ROI.

See The Results

See The Results

We present our findings to your team, laying out the business case, a ball park quote and proposed implementation plan to transform your business.

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Revit Consulting and Development

A steel fabricator needs to change the size of steel beams in Revit. Now an employee needs to go in and change each steel beam in the model. Or maybe the pipe size needs to be changed in a Revit model. An employee will need to change every pipe and fitting in the model.

This takes a lot of time. It’s not efficient. Work does not get done fast. Let us help you build faster by creating custom code or plugins to make Revit work the way you want it.

Revit Consulting

Revit Library and Family Development Services

Revit only comes with limited generic families. However, you need very specific products and construction components for your project.

You need to create the Revit content needed for your design before you start designing. Developing proper Revit 3D content into families or libraries is the key to rapid Revit deployment.

We offer Revit library and family development services.

Revit Libraries & Families

AutoCAD Consulting and Development Services

What if you could make your AutoCAD files automated? How much time would that save you? How much more efficient would you be? Imagine if you could make the leap from computer-aided design to computer-aided manufacturing. That’s what HingePoint helps you with so you can build faster.

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