Community Resilience Planning Guide Helps Communities

Want to learn how to plan a project from the people who help communities prepare for disasters? During the AEI 2017 Conference, a panel of speakers from Community Resilience Panel for Buildings and Infrastructure Systems shared how they make disaster recovery plans for big [...]

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SharePoint Virtual Summit Showcases SharePoint, OneDrive New Features

SharePoint and OneDrive continue to receive more features to better collaborate and govern sharing with teams inside and outside a company. Microsoft has positioned itself to be the tool to transform business processes by automating work, making it easy to harness collective knowledge by [...]

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4 Benefits SharePoint Document Management Systems Give Business

SharePoint document management has been sold since 2001. Microsoft responded early to the coming age of data overload. SharePoint was created to manage your documents at your company. “As I talk with organizations around the world, it is clear they are not coping with [...]

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What is BIM? ‘BIM is a Data-Centric Strategy, Not a Thing’

We recently went to an academic conference where we discussed the differences among Desktop CAD, Desktop Revit and BIM. We were surprised that we had a different definition of Building Information Modeling from some of the academics. One of our slides is a comparison [...]

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9 Things You Need to Know About Moving from ARGUS DCF to ARGUS Enterprise

On June 30th, 2017, ARGUS will officially stop supporting its Valuation DCF product. Instead of Valuation DCF, ARGUS is now encouraging its customers to use ARGUS Enterprise (AE), its flagship software product, which has become an industry standard for property valuation and real estate [...]

Argus Connect 2017 Best in Show – Real Estate Asset Management

Argus Conference, Arizona, April 26 – 28, 2017 The leading provider of software solutions for the commercial real estate industry, ARGUS held their annual education conference to provide insights on global market trends, strategies to managing data and performance, and the latest developments in [...]

Explosion of Data to Worsen Productivity in Construction with New Tech like Drones

In North Texas, construction industry costs are soaring and build times are slowing down. Construction companies will need to find definite alternatives to soaring prices. We will see companies become more tech savvy and try to use software to solve higher costs and slower [...]

Harwood Transforms Dallas Skyline with Harwood District

Dallas is known across the world for its highly recognizable skyline. In fact, the Dallas cityscape came in first place in a recent USA TODAY Readers’ Choice poll, and Harwood is a reason why. And the skyline is only going to get [...]

Industry 4.0 will revolutionize BIM and AEC

An economist recently said that America has not had a technological revolution since the computer. We at HingePoint were floored. Working as a BIM consultant in architecture, engineering, and construction, we know this is inaccurate. Not to call him out (you can see what [...]

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Best in Show at Procore Groundbreak 2017

At Procore Groundbreak 2017, our team saw some awesome stuff, from drones collecting information for new software to integrated solutions that give you the ability to combine 2D and 3D in one BIM model. Procore is growing. We're going to see a lot more of [...]