4 Reasons You Can’t Get the Business Data You Want or Need

Many reasons exist on why you don’t have the data you want or need for your business. It’s no secret that data is becoming important. Companies like AT&T and Amazon have a large Big Data business unit where they are trying to find trends in [...]

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How to Control Human Resource Employee Data

Accurate, up-to-date human resource employee data is crucial for your business If you’re a growing company and you’re onboarding employees and vendors, accurate data on who your employees are and what they are working on is critical for success. Although it sounds like a [...]

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3 Reasons You Should Quit Managing Data with Spreadsheets

Are spreadsheets good for data management?  Excel is great for what it does with data. You can even connect Excel to data visualization software like Power BI. A lot of companies use Excel to create pivot tables, look at line-item lists and build graphs. [...]

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What is Data Visualization?

Learn about HingePoint Data Management Services Many businesses are still creating reports and comparing and contrasting business trends with PDFs exported from Excel instead of using the latest data visualization tools. But what is data visualization? Data visualization is looking at [...]

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Are You Lean Like Toyota, or Do You Waste Resources?

Toyota and Lean Land in Plano, Texas If you know anything about Toyota North America headquarters, you probably heard it is moving to Plano, Texas. They are building a remarkable new headquarters building near Legacy West. But what you might not know is that [...]

In ‘BIMtopian’ World, Project Atlas is Bridge Between 2D and BIM

Before Project Atlas became an actual possibility that could revolutionize paperless construction sites, there were two Rogers O’Brien Construction employees hoping to answer a simple question. Joe Williams and Todd Wynne were trying to answer the question for a presentation: “What does the future [...]

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SharePoint Out of Box Tips and Tricks From SharePoint Consultants

As SharePoint consultants and integrators, we find and are constantly trained on how to best use the SharePoint platform. If you do not know, SharePoint has been sold since 2001. The Microsoft platform was created to manage company documents. These days it is packed [...]

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