Get Control of Your Commercial Real Estate Data

Can you access all your data from one screen, or does it take multiple applications and people to find what you need? Do you have your financial data under control on one screen, or do you rely on many accountants and spreadsheets to manage your finances?

Do you renovate buildings and try to sell the property, or do you let prospects visualize renovations digitally?

Whether you’re selling a property or reporting on finances, controlling and organizing your company information is imperative to build faster with a productive team.

Take Control of Your Information with One Screen

Sometimes, controlling company information seems daunting. The right version of documents are stuck in someone’s desktop, onboarding by email is becoming chaotic, and it’s difficult to get everyone on the same page with new company initiatives and news.

However, it’s possible to take control of your company information. Whether you need a company intranet, a new document management system or a new way to engage with customers and contractors, HingePoint can help you. We specialize in SharePoint consulting, which is software that helps you work in the cloud and build a more collaborative environment.

We get the ‘i’ in your Building Information Model

Let’s face it. Some of us don’t have access to the information we need to make the best decisions.

As competition speeds up and clients and investors demand more, we need to have the right information at our fingertips. We’ve helped developers make the leap from 2d CAD to robust 3d BIM models where the information is accurate, easy to access and on our client’s smartphones. 

Scale with a Virtual Prototype

Many of our clients use virtual product modeling and architectural prototypes to speed design and dissemination of their products into real projects. Digital prototypes make it fast and efficient to apply on the job to a new project or site. Our detailed models are super accurate, and can even be used for construction documentation for permitting and drawing submissions.

See All Your Financial Data on One Screen

We bring all your financial data from all your teams, financial reporting software and systems and organize it on one screen with one sign on. That way you can make the best decisions about your business.

Visualizations are available at the touch of a button. No more scrolling through long lists of numbers. Spot trends, compare across entities and periods, and identify problems and opportunities quickly and easily.

Packages We Sell