I’m calling 2018 the year of cloud, mobile, and analytics for the construction and real estate industry.

Why? Because of the great potential, these technologies offer to help our clients grow profitably.

Do you agree? Are they a part of your company’s 2018 plans?

The good news is these capabilities are widely accessible. But in this construction boom (at least in Texas and Dallas, where we are from), we find that most construction and real estate firms are riding the wave; they have tons of work, are wildly successful, and even flush with cash.

When I speak to CEOs, however, they face 3 main problems.

Do any of these apply to you?

  1. You’re growing so fast you don’t have time to focus on technology. Let me guess: you’re growing so fast you don’t have time to focus on technology tools? And you fear your competitors are getting ahead in construction tech?
  2. You’re successful, but you know you’re inefficient. You’re probably aware that if your business automated all the wasteful busywork and you had great cloud, mobile, and analytics, you could scale faster with greater profit? In other words, you’re leaving money on the table!
  3. Super Hero employees are saving the day. Your employees are overwhelmed with the fast pace, and it takes heroics to keep your business running. You’re vulnerable to employee burn out, them jumping to competitors, or you’re having trouble attracting young talent that want (and expect) mobile tools like they use for everything (everything but your company).

If you have not seen all the amazing technology trends in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry, see our free AEC 4.0 Report for a quick summary and easy read.

To help, HingePoint accomplishes its Purpose by helping people transform and grow to make life better. How? By offering cloud, mobile, and analytics applications for construction and real estate that are easy to adopt and that employees love.

We believe people can transform, grow, and make life better. We believe problems are there to help us grow and find a better way.

It’s the “HingePoint Way,” and 2018 is all about getting our solutions to market to help as many people as possible (helping by offering affordable, easy to adopt tools that employees love). That is our growth strategy!

So here is what’s coming…

The Pivot

We are transforming our solutions into over 45 applications “Apps” that we can rapidly deploy to you so that your employees will be way more productive and happy. Prior to this, we’ve been a custom application development firm. If you have complex issues, sure, we’ll customize it to your business, but there are so many best practice solutions we create over and over again for clients. So, now our clients can jump to the top of the competitive ladder using our apps.

What Kind of Construction Apps?

  1. Sales and Estimating – it’s all about top-line revenue, right? We have tools that automate the work and reporting for development pipelines, deal-flow, and construction bidding and estimating.
  2. Project Dashboards – if all work is broken into projects, you’d better know the status of all your projects (it’s your life-blood). We have tons of tools to manage construction projects, share documents, manage tasks, and stay in scope, on schedule, and in budget, keeping you profitable!
  3. Financials – it’s all about the money, right? Automate reports of forecast vs. actual budgets, and hold the line on profit by staying on top of all and any issues impacting your bottom line.

New Pricing

We are moving to a Software as a Service (SaaS) pricing model that will be so great for our clients. Low monthly payments that are super affordable, with a guaranteed huge 4X ROI. Why are we doing this? 2 reasons:

  1. It puts our money where our mouth is. We actually lose money in the short run! But, we are so confident that you will get results.  We’re betting on ourselves that our Partners (our #1 core value – you) will work with us in the long run.
  2. We want to make it very easy and low risk to try out our new solutions.

New Website

To execute on this new strategy, we need to redo our website, which accounts for over 60% of our leads and sales. You may have found us online when we first met. Look for an all-new, lightning fast HingePoint.com that’s to the point and easy to navigate, so you can find exactly what you’re looking for.



In 2018, we decided to invest in some of our best partners. So, we are sponsoring the Procore Ground Break 2018 conference in Austin, November 13-15, 2018. Building on our new super-successful Procore SharePoint 2-way Synch App (sold in the Procore marketplace here), we plan new Procore apps for 2018. What would you like to see? Tell us!

Great Game of Business (GGOB)

We are also sponsoring the Great Game of Business conference in Dallas, TX on September 5-7, 2018. We love GGOB because we play the game with our performance-driven scorecard approach at HingePoint. We also use open-book management (OBM), teaching all HingePointers how to help drive growth and profit in their groups. That, plus our financial dashboard solutions are perfect to help open-book companies generate even more cash and profit by automating the busywork associated with financial reporting.

People and Culture

As we grow our company as a whole, we also plan to roll out new growth plans for our employees, including bonus plans, that will help every employee have an “owner” mentality, where they benefit from the contributions they make. Know any good candidates that would like our culture? Send them to our careers page here. We are always looking for the next generation HingePointer to help us scale and grow!

About HingePoint, LLC

HingePoint offers cloud and mobile applications for construction and real estate that are easy to adopt and employees love. Specializing in the systems that run the construction and real estate business including SharePointSalesforceProcore, Dynamics, and Autodesk. Scale and grow profitably with Financial and Project Management Dashboards, document management, and workflow automation for field to office collaboration.

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