Are You Looking for Dallas Job Openings?

Why Work at HingePoint?

Answer: In our Dallas jobs you will work with a team that focuses on meaningful work and personal and professional growth… all while helping our customers grow and build faster.

It’s Our Mission:

Create meaningful jobs that promote growth:

  • Personal development
  • Career development
  • HingePoint growth
  • Client growth

What We Do on the Job in Dallas

We help Dallas TX commercial real estate and construction companies get control of their data and organize it on one screen. We are data detectives; we find what data our Dallas clients have and discover what data they need to run their business more efficiently.

Then we build a bridge to get the data our customers want with better technology and better work processes. We are technology-agnostic consultants—which means we can work with any software and can virtually integrate anything into legacy or enterprise platforms.

We’re also growing fast. Our startup that has doubled in size in the past two years. We have a roadmap to grow rapidly for years to come.

Why Our Dallas Jobs Are Different

We eliminated the busy work, the bureaucracy, the politics, and the senseless time wasters. So at HingePoint, you’ll enjoy maximum productivity and growth because we:

  1. Work from home – no wasting time commuting around Dallas. We set you up in a home office.
  2. Have Flex Schedules – punching the clock is pointless, it is all about results. We don’t track them! You are going to hit your weekly scorecard to know if you had a successful week. And you will rest on vacation, heal on sick days and we don’t track time.
  3. Collaborate Often – face-to-face or in virtual meetings, we meet in daily huddles, team, and onsite client workshops, and enjoy team outings.
  4. Value Everyone’s Input – everyone contributes to the company through Lean continuous improvement we practice daily! Every day you get to have a good idea to improve the company
  5. Promote for Results – our clear goals are defined in weekly scorecards and quarterly rocks. You can Win at HingePoint based on your contributions.
  6. Invest In You – We believe in you! We ensure your growth by investing in you with in-depth training, coaching, and career development with conferences and skills training.
  7. Have Cool Projects and Tools – we work on cutting-edge, innovative solutions for clients so the work is always challenging, never a boring project here. And did we mention we have the best systems and tools on the job? Oh yeah, it’s good to work for a systems company!
  8. Full healthcare benefits. We have you and your family covered.

Our company is designed to maximize our three core values:

  1. Performance – consultants must be high performers. Nobody wants a low performing consultant right?
  2. Positive – be around positive, encouraging people that make a positive impact on others and the world around them.
  3. Partners – we are long-term partners with both our clients and our teams because partners stick together for mutual benefit.

Read more about what makes a HingePointer here. Hint, we live and die by our values, every day so you may want to check them out:

To succeed at HingePoint all you need to do is:

  1. Model our core values
  2. Improve continuously
  3. Hit your weekly scorecard
  4. Do your quarterly rocks
  5. Rewards – enjoy a profound sense of fulfillment that comes from a sense of accomplishment, from meaningful work, growth, and helping others succeed. The fun part is the joy you get helping others and using your gifts and strengths. Oh yea, monetary rewards and promotions are aligned with your success!

Current Job Openings

Apply Today! We start the process off on the right foot with a Strength Survey! We literally want to know your strengths so we can maximize your growth and potential with us.