Are spreadsheets good for data management

Excel is great for what it does with data. You can even connect Excel to data visualization software like Power BI.

A lot of companies use Excel to create pivot tables, look at line-item lists and build graphs. But some businesses rely on it way too much. If you’re running large data sets or entire projects in Excel, then you might want to consider what you are missing with a tailored solution that can give you more accurate data more of the time.


In Excel, anyone can update a spreadsheet who has access to it. It’s just a spreadsheet that someone updates by hand.

However, if you are using a database and a platform like SharePoint, only people with the proper permission can edit fields. Whereas in a spreadsheet, anyone who has the spreadsheet can edit whatever they want.

If you have all your financial data in Excel, why would you let someone who is not in accounting make official edits to financial data? There are no controls on the data in a spreadsheet.



If you are using Excel, chances are your data is not automated, which means data is not flowing from software that collects the data to the software that projects that data with visualization tools.

If a data transfer is not automated, then guess what? You are doing data entry and copy and pasting cells. Not only are you wasting extra time and resources, you risk making errors with your data.


Check out our story on why your data is not accurate.  Humans enter data into the Excel fields. With every human task, there are inevitably errors that will be made with data entry. Even a hidden decimal or hidden row can cause your entire excel sheet to be inaccurate.

With a data entry process or the right enterprise-level software, you can control what data you enter with checkboxes and dropdowns. This limits possible entries and errors.

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