A good way to determine if you have a good data management strategy is to see how technology helps you manage data. You should be able to tell if you are doing the work of a human, a device or software, as explained in the previous chapter.

HingePoint put together this open-ended evaluation to determine how you use technology and if it helps your data management strategy. Does it help or hinder you from working on what matters?

Let’s find out.

We want to:

  • Define what matters to you, your company and your customers.
  • Determine if what you spend most of your time on is what truly matters to your customer or company.
  • Determine who else needs input on how you work.


  • What must you deliver to your customer or boss?
  • What is the end result that you are supposed to produce?
  • Does it require software, applications,

The Quagmire of the Wrong Technology

Now let’s look at if technology helps or hinders your work.

  • Are you looking for lost documents?
  • Are you looking something up because it’s not in your system, files or where you store your data?
  • Are you doing the work that a device or system should be doing to finish your work? If you don’t know about our oversimplified workflow, you should learn it.
  • Do you do redundant tasks, like enter data in multiple systems to finish your work?
  • How productive are you? Are living by the 80/20 rule?

Other People you Depend On

  • Do you need to get data or information from someone else to complete your deliverable?
  • Are other people counting on you?
  • Do multiple people enter the same information in multiple times?

Next, let’s see if technology can do anything else for us. Let’s be realistic.

  • Based on all this information, what do you want technology to do for you?
  • If technology could do anything in a perfect world, what would it do for you?

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