Procore launched the construction industry’s first and only construction-only platform in March, which aims to help its customers gain deeper insights from data and provide new services from other companies.

Hoping to have found a solution for “frictionless” job sites with free-flowing communication, Procore held their third annual Groundbreak Conference in Austin, Texas this week, and announced Procore Construction OS.

The new OS allows other companies—even those that appear to be competitors—to integrate with its more open APIs.

“We are really dedicated to our openness strategy. A lot of people would say Blue Beam is a competitor but we see them as a partner,” said Bassem Hamdy, EVP Marketing and Enterprise Strategy at Procore. “We want them here and we want them to integrate because that gives our clients freedom of choice.”

Procore’s openness strategy is the reason they have made Construction OS and allowed any company to integrate with it. But the company is hoping to pitch the platform as more than just an open API.

Construction OS is the entire ecosystem of new features and insights created from other companies’ applications that are connected to Procore.

“Construction OS is basically our statement and our signal to the market that we are and want to be the platform that powers construction,” said Brandon Terry, Vice President of Product at Procore Technologies. “It is not only the underpinnings that powers the Procore products but it’s also what helps us connect and build integrations with all of our partners.”

Construction OS is designed to serve users and improve the build process through a variety of important enhancements, including new reporting and visualization tools; access to approximately 100 apps in the App Marketplace; a newly launched developer portal; and the ability to securely integrate, store, and manage your projects within one platform.

Josh Kanner, Founder and CEO of, has the second most leveraged application in Procore’s App Marketplace. makes it easier to manage photos and video by tagging digital assets automatically and through machine learning.

“As a company they have taken this very open attitude towards partnerships which has been great for us,” Kanner said. “They understand that they need to have partners that will help expand the ecosystem of what they do.”

Terry said as they continue to improve construction project management and add new core tools to their platform, they are going to rely on other companies to give them more features and benefits for customers.

“The primary benefit for us and the industry with this operating approach is it doesn’t hinge wholly on Procore,” Terry said.

Procore is hoping Construction OS will also be an equalizer. In the past construction companies were forced to buy all solutions from one vendor. But Procore hopes to give construction companies more choices.

“It’s time for construction to have freedom of choice,” Bassem said.

Procore also announced two new products.

Procore Construction Financials is a robust job costing solution that connects the field and the head office, providing businesses with a central location to monitor the financial health of their projects in real time. Field teams can track contracts and change orders, payment applications, forecasts, and potential cost impacts – this combined data rolls up to the head office and gives company executives access to actionable insights that can be leveraged to accurately forecast and make data-driven business decisions. Construction Financials serves as a single source of truth for project financials – eliminating double entry, mitigating risk, and streamlining monthly reporting with key stakeholders.

Procore Quality & Safety consists of easy-to-use tools that help customers baseline, identify trends, and improve on their quality and safety process. With input from industry leaders and customer feedback placed at the highest priority throughout the product development process, this solution was manufactured to gather valuable data, just by people doing their job. As a result, this data helps customers identify trends that pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses across a single project or whole portfolio. Procore dashboards enable teams to act upon insights that can lead to the introduction of better processes and improved overall quality and safety culture.



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