Overview: Procore / Windows Server File Sync Software

What it Does:

Makes it Easy To:

  • Sync between Microsoft Windows server, virtual machines (VMs) & Procore.
  • Create unlimited connections for unlimited projects.
  • Set up secure connections using the management portal.
  • Get simple pricing. Plans include batches of connections from 10, 20, 50, 100, or more project connections.

Achieve Near Real-Time Synchronization Between Microsoft Windows Server, Virtual Machines (VMs) & Procore

This Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution includes a suite of web services hosted on Microsoft Azure. It will keep a near real-time synchronization (within seconds) between the mapping of 1 Procore project document module to the project folder or subfolder on a Windows Server.

Files sync in near real-time (within seconds). The tool mirrors the exact actions taken with documents in one system to the other system. Security rights are fully respected in both systems and the integration does not change the rights of any user or group.

Focus On Value-Added Work

The result is that your files are migrated to Procore and backed up from Procore. Both groups of employees have the exact same set of up-to-the-minute version of documents at all times. Your teams are now always “on the same page” and “singing off the same song sheet”.

The integration takes away the risk, worry, and busywork associated with trying to keep both teams informed regarding the most recent document updates on a project.


You can connect the following end points to sync files:

Example of Syncing Procore with Microsoft Teams File Library

Setup & Details

Procore Windows Server Sync Setup

White-Glove Setup

HingePoint’s experts provide white-glove setup and consulting service that will help you prototype, test, revise, and finalize your:

  • Procore Folder Structure
  • Windows File Server project mapping strategy
  • SharePoint Folder Structure and Document Library Mapping Strategy
  • MS Team and channel mapping strategy
  • Azure File Server mapping strategy
  • Testing and certification of your integrations for the first batch of 10 connections
  • User Authentication Set Up and Testing
  • User Guide and 2 Hour Training with your Administrators to teach them how to set up integrations and map project connections
Management Portal

Management Portal

Within the ProCore Windows ServerDocusync each Account will have a custom Management Portal where you can:

  • Add users
  • Create system to system integrations such as connection your Procore Company tenant to your SharePoint Tenant
  • Create Projects that sync files from any end point your choose
  • Push button set up to get files moved from the Source to the Destination system
  • Project can connect to multiple endpoints. For example, you can sync a Job Site trailer Windows Server to both SharePoint and Procore using 2 connections. Then all 3 systems will be in sync.
  • Performance Metrics on the speed and capacity of the files being synched
Users Procore Windows Server Sync


Each Customer Account will be connected by OAuth2.0 OpenID and your users will login using your companies Microsoft credentials. We never store your personal account or password data.

Each Account Gets:

  • 1 Admin User, that will set up Integrations with Service Accounts
  • Up to 5 Members – Admins can invite other users to set up connections like Procore Admins and IT staff.
  • Prices subject to change but existing clients are protected with maximum 3% inflation adjustment for 3 years


  • Customer license becomes active on the date of payment and will last for 365 days.
  • If you exceed your number of connections, we will prorate the fee at the end of the year for any overages.
  • The license package on this quote will auto renew at the same quantity.
  • Cancel within 30 days or renewal date. Early cancellation is not refundable for the annual license or set up fee.
  • Any reduction of the license package on this quote must also be made within 30 days of the renewal date.
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3 Ways We Help with Procore

Procore SharePoint Integration Support

Procore Consulting Services

Implement Procore by transforming processes, going mobile, and changing how people work. Sounds good? Only if the business is fully prepared to rethink, reorganize and retrain their workforce.

Procore Consulting
Procore Integration HingePoint

Procore Integration

Procore’s Construction OS platform allows you to use many other systems and data to run your company such as SharePoint, Sage Financials, PowerBI, Autodesk and more. We have the ability to integrate your existing systems with Procore to create a fully integrated end-to-end business process. In addition to Microsoft Teams, we also integrate Procore with SharePoint, financials, and reporting, ensuring minimal disruptions. We also help with user adoption. HingePoint is a trusted Procore Development Partner.

Procore Integration
Procore, HingePoint, Construction OS

Procore Apps

Do you want to join Procore Construction OS, the only platform only for construction? Does your company have a product that could be part of the more than 100 Procore partner Apps? We can help you drive revenue and growth by creating an App for your product in the Procore Partner Apps, connectors, and other integrations (such as our Procore/SharePoint integration solution).

Sharepoint Integration

As Procore Certified Consultants, We Help You Integrate Procore With Your Other Enterprise Systems

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