Customized Autodesk Buzzsaw Pro Forms Workflow

Project Description

We customized Buzzsaw functionality by exporting data for analysis and importing into TRIRIGA to provide maximum program flexibility. Our solution enhanced user experience, eliminated 95% of systems maintenance and admin efforts, improved adoption by 300%, and increased system ROI by nearly 500%.

The Challenge:
A growing national brand with aggressive plans for continued expansion, saw some of the leading solutions HingePoint created for other top national and global brands and contacted us. They were seeking direction on their Buzzsaw platform design and wanted help with the roadblocks they were experiencing. The brand uses Buzzsaw Professional for file collaboration and forms workflow on Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) projects, however, the reporting in Buzzsaw Pro didn’t meet the needs of the business for enterprise program management. They wanted to get the data out of Buzzsaw, and didn’t know how.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this client, looking at the business needs and requirements, understanding exactly how they “wished” it would work, and recognizing what roadblocks were in the way. We know the capabilities of Buzzsaw and were able to advise them on what is feasible and what options could be leveraged. We defined a series of options that met their specific needs, in creative new ways, and prototyped the options to ensure their feasibility and eliminate unknown factors. In the end, we figured out the best ways to extract reporting data out of Buzzsaw, extract forms out of Buzzsaw, and include workflow routing both inside and outside of Buzzsaw.

Ongoing Benefits:
The client used our prototypes and options to choose the right path for the enterprise, and to determine their enterprise systems, document management, and workflow platform strategy. This has led to reduced licensing costs in Buzzsaw Pro and also assisted in the implementation of other WPMS (work place management systems) in TRIRIGA, helping the client determine what parts of the processes should be in Buzzsaw and what parts should be in TRIRIGA.

Systems Integrated: Buzzsaw, TRIRIGA, Forms, API, Workflow, Analytics