Software developers and programmers with little experience in the architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) industry will be in higher demand for construction work because key software is moving to the cloud, an Autodesk executive said in a new HingePoint AEC Industry 4.0 Report.

Autodesk is moving away from bulky desktop apps and moving their software and platforms into the cloud. Although using the cloud is not new for the industry, the ability to integrate systems and software will become more critical as Autodesk continues its aggressive march towards cloud-based platforms.

“Technologically speaking, we are moving past the app and moving into a world of web experiences,” said Jim Quanci, Senior Director of Autodesk Development Network, in the HingePoint Industry 4.0 Report. “Being based on web-standard technologies… there are millions of software developers that can now build these experiences. It no longer requires software developers with special and rare CAD expertise.”

Design and engineering information is no longer siloed and can be integrated with all the other run-the-business tools businesses are using. This will dramatically change how construction is done and how real estate developers design buildings and find investors, HingePoint CEO and Founder Bryce Finnerty said.

“We are in the middle of one of the biggest technological revolutions of our time and it is transforming how all of us do our work, especially in the AEC industry,” Finnerty said in the report. “For example, as virtual reality becomes prevalent, it can help developers market their buildings to investors by showing them a real virtual prototype that they can walk through.”

As the construction industry and real estate developers start using new APIs from Autodesk, developers that can combine or integrate software and solutions will be critical, Finnerty said.

“When applications don’t “speak” to one another or share information, companies are forced to continuously update different systems of record. They are prisoners to the technology they use.”” Finnerty said. “The cloud-based approach by Autodesk is going to liberate data and help businesses work more efficiently.”

About HingePoint’s AEC Industry 4.0 Report

HingePoint’s Industry 4.0 Report looks at how the next wave of technology is about to transform the AEC sector. Autodesk executive Jim Quanci is a contributor. The report looks at what Industry 4.0 is, how it is changing the AEC industry and the types of technology it is bringing.

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