3 Things You Can Do with SharePoint So Your Company Will Work Faster

Microsoft’s SharePoint turns 16 years old this year, and it’s no surprise that while it now steers many company’s document management strategies, it’s making a leap into the cloud and on mobile devices.

Enterprise companies—like AT&T—use SharePoint to collaborate, make new tools, manage documents and make company announcements. Commercial Real Estate and construction companies are starting to see the power of combining other tools—like Salesforce—with Microsoft’s SharePoint.

“SharePoint has huge benefits because it can share data with other software and systems,” said CEO and Founder of HingePoint Bryce Finnerty. “We are seeing many commercial real estate companies with a lot of muscle coming to us and saying hey we need to build faster and the best way is to get control of all this information about our company with SharePoint.”

HingePoint sees three major benefits to SharePoint for business. You need to have a good SharePoint consultant that can take you from ideation to production.

1. Company Intranets

Everything is on one screen. And when we say everything, we mean all your company data. It’s one of the best ways to get control of all the documents and communication needed to run a business. SharePoint becomes your one-stop shop for everything for your company.

Employees have access to system apps and important company information, all from the company’s internal homepage.

  • IT Help Desk
  • HR Forms and Benefits
  • Find company documents
  • Corporate communication
  • Sharing company core values
  • News
  • Training

One of the greatest benefits of SharePoint is that it stores documents instead of emailing them to teams.

“It’s way more secure than blasting company email to hundreds of employees,” Finnerty said.

2. Customer Engagement & Collaboration

The company intranet is usually for all employees working behind a firewall.

A Customer Engagement and Collaboration site is for external audiences. It’s the company extranet, where you communicate with people outside your network.

“You can use it for collaboration,” Finnerty said. “You can invite clients and subcontractors to work on projects in SharePoint together, and you are all collaborating and working better together.”

It gives all parties involved a single source of truth for all documents. There is no more emailing the right document. No more version control problems.

It’s all stored on SharePoint and the team members with the proper security clearance can access what is needed when they need it.

3. Search and Document Management

If you’re not using SharePoint as your system of record for your documents, chances are your documents are unorganized.

SharePoint is the system of record for documents. Employees can even search all documents, libraries and network drives. These can be indexed and search through SharePoint.

With the right SharePoint consulting, your documents will not only be easily findable with search, but they will be categories and organized in a way that lets you easily find what you’re looking for.

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