Marketing Solution for Commercial Real Estate Developers

Project Description

We recruited commercial real estate developers utilizing video, search capabilities and web design.  Our solution eliminated data redundancy by 100%, and managed 100% of document security.

The Vision:

A regional commercial real estate developer had contacted 3 other firms, unsuccessfully, before they found HingePoint through the Better Business Bureau. As real estate developers and contractors, they have large investments in industrial parks, sports complexes, hospitals and data centers. They were looking for tools to market and present their real estate deals online to help develop partnerships, garner investors, and sell the project for a profit. Their website was half finished, out of date and their web team had abandoned them. They needed professional help fast to get a solution to market.

The Solution:
With experience developing platforms for Fannie Mae, MLS, real estate online search, and online marketing strategies for Keller Williams and HingePoint came alongside the developer to plan video marketing collateral for a number of their top commercial real estate deals. We created 2 websites that showcase the listings, sell the deal, and attract investors and partners.

The Relationship:
In HingePoint, we have given the client a partner that is not only an expert in AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) and commercial real estate design and construction, but also in the sale and marketing of deals via the Internet. They are now incorporating online marketing in all of their commercial real estate deals.

Systems Integrated: Web, Analytics, Deal Flow, Video