Enhancing Buzzsaw Data Searching Capabilities by Integrating Google Earth

Project Description

We created more effective data searching in Buzzsaw, utilizing Google Earth for regional searching functionality and brought over 90% time savings related to document search.

The Challenge:
A Top global brand franchise, called HingePoint frustrated with how hard it is to find files, documents, and photos (of their over 3000 properties) on Buzzsaw. At the time, the company’s Architecture & Construction employees spent up to 50% of their time searching for already existing corporate documents!

The Vision:
They needed to be able to quickly search through over 3 Terabytes of data, 1 million documents, and 3000 projects on Buzzsaw. They also wanted to provide a user experience via Google Earth with the functionality to search and navigate all company projects using the globe—gaining the ability to find documents by seeing them plotted in 3D. In essence, they wanted a custom Google Earth experience, using Google Earth to not only view properties, but also locate and access documents from Buzzsaw.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this worldwide corporation to stand up the first North American instance of Google Earth enterprise: a private version of Google Earth, secure with the company’s Buzzsaw and CRM data. We fulfilled their vision, enabling them to use Google Earth to search Buzzsaw files and folders and find documents via key search terms or geographically, thus reducing the time needed to find files in Buzzsaw. Respecting security was critical to this project’s success and we ensured that all data was fully secured based on users rights, even within Google Earth. This solution created a huge advantage for the client’s architectects, designers, and construction teams, helping them search, find, and visualize project related documents in the context of Google Earth all while improving native Buzzsaw search performance.

The Relationship:
Today, HingePoint continues to work with the global brand to improve the data search and integration of mapping search tools as well as clean and optimally tag dirty data and files so they can be easily found. We also continue to use our findings to figure out how users search and improve internal search tools within Buzzsaw as well as leverage Google Earth’s features and functionality.

Systems Integrated: Google Earth App, API, Web, Sieble, Buzzsaw