Automating Buzzsaw User Enrollment & Account Administration

Project Description

We automated user account administration and security verification in Buzzsaw for increased productivity.  This solution saved hundreds of hours of time, decreased data errors by 200%, and extending the lifecycle of existing platforms by years.


The Challenge:
Having worked on Siebel, CAD, and PeopleSoft systems for a Top 10 global brand’s Architecture & Construction division, they reached out to us again with a key need for their new Buzzsaw platform. The Buzzsaw user enrollment process was difficult, time consuming, and not to company standards.

The Vision:
They needed something simple, elegant, easy, and automated due to the volume of users entering and exiting the system. Also included, the necessity of making it easy for over 5000 users to adopt Buzzsaw as their project document collaboration tool.

The Solution:
HingePoint came alongside this global brand to create branded, custom user enrollment forms that are easy to use, fill out, and submit. Once submitted via an Application Programming Interface (API), this system automates 95% of the user account administration. The corporation can now add or remove hundreds of users, from different projects, folders, groups, and file level access in an automated fashion. This allows for one part-time resource to administer the largest Buzzsaw platform in production whereas, originally, it would have taken 4 or 5 administrators to set up, test, report, and verify all the credentials of nearly 20,000 users over the span of 5 years.

The Relationship:
We continue to assist this client in further automating other administrative tasks such as, reporting and testing group permissions to ensure they work as expected, adding new users, cloning users and groups, removing old users, updating existing user permissions as they change over time or as projects come and go, and integrating user accounts from Buzzsaw as well as other systems so they share the same security credentials or inherit their credentials from Buzzsaw.

Systems Integrated: Buzzsaw, Forms, API, Web, Admin