Last week, the HingePoint team traveled south to San Antonio, TX to learn about The Great Game of Business and was awarded 1st place, winning the coveted Mini Game Challenge!

The Great Game of Business is designed to show how an open-book management system is used to build rapid financial results and company culture. The full-day workshop kicked off with a keynote by Michael Kiolbassa, president of Kiolbassa Smoked Meats. Kiolbassa implemented The Great Game process in 2014 to save the family business that was struggling to make a profit. In fact, at one point in August and September of 2013, they “lost more money in two months than we made in most years we had been in business”.  Now, just three years after adopting The Great Game Process, Michael’s company is thriving and on track to hit a target of $100 million in revenue by 2019!

The keynote was followed by an on-site visit to the Kiolbassa factory, where we sat in on a live “Huddle” to see Great Game practices first-hand, and a Q&A with employee practitioners. The last part of the workshop was the interactive session, where the teams competed in the coveted “Mini Game challenge” and put the days’ worth of professional development and learning into action. Teams were challenged with building a short-term activity designed to correct a weakness or pursue an opportunity in the company. The requirement was to have an end goal with a time-frame, scoreboard, and reward for winning.

HingePoint’s game was named “A Steak in the Outcome” with the reward being a steak dinner for the team at Ruth’s Chris if the criteria are met. The competition was very tight, making a difficult decision for the judges.

After a lengthy deliberation, the results were announced, awarding HingePoint the victor!

“Knowing there are only a handful of businesses that get the opportunity to participate in this event every year makes you feel honored to be in attendance and learn with so many other intelligent professionals. The fact that HingePoint captured 1st place in the [Mini Game] challenge was a truly unforgettable experience.”

-HingePoint Marketing Consultant, Jacob Steele

By the end of the day, the HingePoint team left with the knowledge of how to get started with open-book management and unique skills to continue pushing HingePoint forward in the years to come!

About Us:

HingePoint provides Procore, SharePoint and Salesforce consulting for Commercial Real Estate and Construction companies. HingePoint also helps the AEC industry with development & integration of AutoDesk and Procore products with enterprise systems. We are a trusted partner with over 25 years’ experience of systems development and integration work in the AEC industry. Our clients range from top hotel brands and restaurant chains to AEC firms and real estate developers and Facilities Management. We provide BIM consulting with ROI. Results Guaranteed…Literally Guaranteed.