Building Information Modeling (BIM) creates the possibility to literally transform the design and build processes for real estate developers. Traditional 2D CAD and paper-based workflows are replaced with rapid virtual prototyping enabled by efficient 3D models in Revit that allow for merging models, clash detection, elimination of errors, automating reporting, and efficient collaboration between offices and the field teams.

In short, BIM delivers better, faster and cheaper results – but the challenge is in realizing the benefits.  Many firms spend months or even years making the transition from 2D to 3D models and experience significant challenges with learning the new technologies and integrating workflows with existing enterprise systems.

That’s where HingePoint comes in.We provide turn-key solutions for building information modeling (BIM) for clients in Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Manufacturing and Commercial Real Estate industries. Specifically, we provide results based systems consulting, design and development services using our unique process, The HingePoint Way, to ensure that you achieve positive return on investment. We’re so confident, we literally guarantee your results.

Benefits of Building Information Modeling

Reduce Cycle Time

We helped one firm shave 6 months off their design build process using virtual design and web-based collaboration

Eliminate Errors

Our solution eliminated Bill of Material (BOM) errors, saving over $1 Million dollars in errors and write offs per year

Automate Processes

Automated Design-Build process for portfolio of 3,000 hotels, condensing time lines, reducing costs, and increasing productivity

Reduce Costly Changes

We used clash detection and rapid design changes to save over $500,000 in change orders for one project

Why Choose HingePoint for BIM Services


Our unique process is a value creation process, transforming complexities into simplicities, creating multipliers to grow your business.


Our experts underwrite the ROI of your project. Meeting your objectives and achieving your results are literally guaranteed in writing.


As experts in large-scale systems, software development and systems integration, we are passionate about enterprise projects that transform business.


Leading our clients to visualize bigger futures and motivating them to achieve those futures now. Combining best practices and innovative ideas.

Before working with HingePoint, we were just another commercial real estate company trying to get deals done. Now, we’re one of the most innovative firms in the industry. HingePoint’s knowledge, insight and guidance has allowed us to manage risk systematically better, affording us the opportunity to scale efficiently while also generating increased profits at both the property and company level

Victor R. Mendiola, Jr., Promesa Investments

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