If you want to build faster and you still rely on a paper workflow, it might be time to consider a different alternative. Unless you hire a SharePoint consultant, sometimes it’s difficult to have the self-awareness needed to determine if paper is slowing you down.

If you still depend on paper in your workflow, you’re missing huge opportunities to be more efficient.

HingePoint has worked with head architects at well-respected real-estate firms who are overworked because they still deal with paper. If you are manually creating lists of building materials, or manually collecting your financial documents, or relying on paper copies to share information, the time is now to move to digital.

Here are some key questions to answer to determine if you are relying on paper too much:

  • How much paperwork do you have?
  • Do you require printing for your workflow?
  • Are there printers around?
  • Is there a lot of paper on your desk?
  • Do you read critical company information or data on paper instead of a screen?
  • Do you require paper copies of documents to do your work?

If you answered yes to more than three of these questions, it’s safe to bet you need a digital workflow and process.