IBM TRIRIGA Consultants and TRIRIGA Systems Developers

HingePoint’s Tririga consulting specializes in integrating Tririga IWMS with Autodesk solutions to improve facilities management, asset management, and project management of commerce real estate assets. Many of the Tririga solutions are managing processes and work taking place in Autodesk tools such as AutoCAD, Autodesk Revit, or Autodesk Buzzsaw. By creating Bi-Directional exchanges of information from Tririga to Autodesk we can streamline process and gain additional benefit and efficiencies from Tririga.

 TRIRIGA Systems Integration Projects

HingePoint has connected Tririga IWMS systems to Autodesk to create the following capabilities:

  1. 3D model viewers from Revit models inside of Tririga
  2. Secure access to Tririga also secures access to Autodesk systems (singe sign on)
  3. Embed CAD and Revit files from Autodesk into Tririga
  4. Use Autodesk Buzzsaw for project folder and project document management
  5. Automate the creation of Buzzsaw projects that mirror Tririga projects
  6. Embed Autodesk software into Tririga user experience

We Help our Clients:

  1. Design new Tririga uses to be leveraging Tririga with other corporate systems
  2. Expand the use of Tririga by tying in other systems and processes
  3. Create new efficient processes in Tririga that eliminate redundant data
  4. Help our clients migrate to Tririga and extract data out of Tririga
  5. Leverage Tririga API functionality