Systems Integration Consulting Services

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Imagine how much more your staff could get done if they didn’t have to input data in multiple times and are able to review everything in one easy to use dashboard.

You need to integrate and you have some choices.


Get your internal IT team to attempt the integration.
IT is great at supporting internal systems.  But they’re often unfamiliar with integration and they ONLY know the programs that your company already uses, which limits possible solutions.


Outsource overseas.  Yes, it can be “cheaper” up front but, there are hidden costs in time, quality, misunderstandings and additional money if the project doesn’t progress as planned.


Hire Experts

Software We Innovate

How it Works

Our unique 6 step HingePoint Process keeps the initiative on time, on budget and gets the results you want.

The 6 Steps:

1. Idea Lab – Envision and define the roadmap
2. Data Detective – Benchmark and research
3. Solution Fitting – Evaluate pros & cons
4. Test Drive – Validate prototypes
5. HingePoint – Launch with your team
6. Open Door – Enhance and maintain

HingePoint Way

This is literally the easiest, most reliable way to bring your ideas to life. You’ll get a clear view of what to expect at all times, and results guaranteed in writing.
Our unique method is why Top 100 global and national brands keep coming back to work with us…

“Our brand rollout has gone so smoothly, renovating over 300 stores, thanks to the custom tools that leveraged our existing Autodesk platform.” – Architecture Design Firm

Learn about the key components of systems integration in a free chapter of our eBook

Whether you work with us or not… Learn what to look for in a good systems integration.

At the end of the day your integration should:

1. Reduce IT costs
2. Streamline business processes
3. Improve productivity
4. Increase profit
5. Make Your Users Happy!

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