View Your Project Dashboard in Google Earth

Have you ever wanted to see all your project dashboards on Google Earth? Using the power of Google Earth we can securely put all your projects in Google Earth and have a custom project dashboard with access to all your sites, data and documents.

It is All About:

1. Mapping your projects with powerful Google Earth tools. Benefit: see your projects on a map in Google Earth.

2. Searching project files and data securely with Google Earth. Benefit: save 40% efficiency in finding project information.

3. Seeing your regions and states in on simple map view. Benefit: gain new insights and optimize your travel and operations.

4. Saving extra steps to look up street views of you facilities on Google maps. Benefit: saving hours of time and improving your results.

5. Optimize travel budgets and time by over 20%. Benefit: save time and money.

6. Simple set up. No software needed. No long term contract or IT maintenance. Benefit: we can get you up and running quickly with no long term commitments.

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