Thank you for using the BOM to Excel Revit Plugin. This page has all you need to use the Trial or Paid version of the App. Both version have the same functionality.

Getting Started

BOM To Excel – Installation Instructions – Trial

BOM To Excel – Installation Instructions – Paid

User Guide – BOM to Excel Revit App

BOM To Excel Revit BIM App

Screen Shot Examples – Advanced Revit Sample File that comes with Revit

BOM to Excel

General Usage Instructions

Workflow of product and how it fits into user’s workflow.

The BOM for Revit plugin fits into your design and modeling workflow from the very beginning. As soon as you start creating Revit content, you can place it into a schedule, and the BOM plugin will work. Here are the steps:

  1. Start Revit and open a new or existing project.
  2. Create a Schedule or multiple schedules.
  3. Click BOM Plugin from the Plugin Ribbon and Menu.
  4. The Revit schedules will automatically populate in the upper left pane.
  5. Click the Revit schedule you want to include in the BOM (upper left pane) highlighted in blue.
  6. Configure the BOM format you desire using the lower left pane WYSIWYG tools.
  7. As you make configuration changes, you can preview them instantly in the upper and lower right panes.
  8. Each BOM schedule you save, will become a new tab in the BOM for Revit plugin.
  9. Select a new Revit schedule in the upper left, and then repeat the steps to configure a new BOM schedule and Save
  10. Once all BOM schedules are complete, you can export to Excel using the BOM tab by clicking the Export to Excel link
  11. As the Revit model is updated, the BOM for Revit data is updated automatically. Export the Excel file again for each new version of the Excel BOM output. The Excel file will not be updated until you click the Export link.
  12. Close and Restart – If you close Revit after having saved changes, then when you open Revit again (and you own the Plugin), your previous settings will be retained. No need to reconfigure the BOM schedule again.

Author/Company Information

HingePoint is an authorized Autodesk Development Network partner and specializes in automating workflow for the AEC industry. We have developed multiple custom Revit and AutoCAD plugins for clients. We also offer BIM services, Revit modeling services, Revit family development, and BIM systems design. As a systems integrator, we can integrate data and workflow from Revit and CAD into SalesForce, BlueBeam, SolidWorks, SAP, TRIRIGA and many other systems.

If you need additional features, reach us at HingePoint solution architects create custom BOM plugins that are configured to client’s exact BOM requirements, data structures and output formats.

Report a Problem?

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  4. what version of Revit are you using?
  5. Screen capture of the error
  6. On the help screen, tell us if you are using the Paid or Trial version and what your license number is
  7. Thank you for helping out!
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