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Revit Cost Estimating Plugin… and More!

Stop wasting hours manually creating BOM reports from Revit.
Spend more time working on what matters.
  • Use our app to automatically create material lists from your Revit models.
  • Immediately export BOMs, reports, estimates, and quantity takeoffs
  • Add cost parameters in Revit and get instant cost estimates and quotes directly from the source.

Our app will save you hundreds of hours in Autodesk® Revit® BOM data analysis, reporting and quantity estimation.

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Instantly and automatically add up your quantity takeoffs

  • Instantly get room square footage
  • Instantly get rooms by floors
  • Automatically calculate all quantities
  • Add up linear feet to MEP materials
  • Add up floor plate square footage

Advantages to HingePoint’s BOM to Excel App

Imagine creating a clean BOM with accurate quantity takeoffs in an instant.

Imagine if you could eliminate costly human errors that occur when manually calculating BOM quantities.

Imagine if you could easily ensure clean and accurate Revit data with easy to read custom formatting… the way you want it.

Imagine if your entire team, across the AEC process, could see the same Revit data in clean Excel reports.

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But wait… there’s more!

  • The BOMs are instantly updated with each Revit model version, making quantities and estimates perfectly synced to the latest Revit model.
  • Works off any schedule and parameter even custom content, schedules and parameters. If you can schedule it, you can use it in the BOM for Revit plugin.
  • Excel Export – The exact look of the BOM table reports will be exported to Excel, formatted perfectly and ready to share with clients and your team.
  • Works with an unlimited number of schedules.
  • Works on an unlimited number of Revit projects.
  • Simple installation process and it appears instantly in your Plugin Ribbon Bar.
  • You can add as many tabs to the BOM as there are schedules in your Revit file. For example, doors could be one tab, windows another, mechanical another, flooring another and furniture another.
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Other Cool Facts:

  • Summary Tables and Group Detailed Tables– A powerful way to create summaries and roll up of groups of data. The details for each BOM row are expanded upon in detailed sub-tables.
  • Grouping By Parameter– Regardless of how the Revit data is modeled and scheduled, the BOM for Revit plugin allows you to put any parameter, in any column or order, and then group the BOM by any parameter, automatically creating group sub-headings. Providing infinite flexibility in how you format the tables of data, ease of use and readability.
  • Inline Sums-For any quantity parameter, you can turn on “Inline sum” and the BOM will automatically add a quantity by summing up that parameter for the row. Very powerful for take offs and quantity estimating. Saves you tons of time in Excel formulae writing.
  • Subtotals-Total a column for groups giving full quantity take offs for the entire Revit project
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