At HingePoint we are objective expert systems consultants who are trained to focus exclusively on our clients results.  In fact, our Unique Process doesn’t advance until we have consensus on the project objectives, the results our clients expect to get, and the value those results bring to the business. We even measure success that same way as our clients, by agreeing to the metrics we will use to measure, and prove, that we obtained those results.  It is a different kind of consulting process, one that is 100% focused on client success. We guarantee your success in our contract.

Our objective approach to solving business problems at the root makes us different. This allows us to be aligned with the business and we often help manage other enterprise software vendors to ensure they are developing the systems as needed, and that they don’t get tunnel vision. This allows us to take a big picture view and see across multiple platforms needed across the enterprise to come up with real solutions that really work.

When we are consulting with our clients we perform many of the following roles:

  • Facilitate working groups (not meetings)
  • Conduct Idea Labs
  • Perform 1-on-1 interviews
  • Make customer visits
  • Offer Best Practices
  • Mentor team
  • Optimize processes
  • Create Technology Road Maps
  • Generate alternatives
  • Facilitate Objective Decision-Making