Mobile and Tablet Development Solutions

  • Consulting with your organization to capture the Big Ideas in one of our Idea Labs. We can create systems to work the way you wished they would.
  • Development of secure mobile apps that fully leverage your enterprise security and systems. No reinventing of the wheel.
  • Design applications and processes around they way your teams and customers want to work, to make them the most productive and provide a fantastic user experience.
  • Mobile solutions for:
    • SharePoint Templates – responsive
    • Autodesk – BIM360 and Autodesk360 platforms
    • Buzzsaw, Buzzsaw mobile, Buzzsaw APIs to iPad Apps
    • Siebel for iPads
    • Google Earth for mobile phones and web apps

Mobile/Search Accolades

HingePoint is credited with these mobile innovations:

  • Getting SharePoint to run on an iPad in November 2010 when the iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The first to accomplish this to our knowledge and Microsoft’s.
  • First to get Autodesk Buzzsaw to run on the iPad in September 2010, a full 1.5 years ahead of Autodesk releasing an iPad App.
  • In 2011 we were the first company in North America and second company globally to create a private, secure Google Earth Enterprise solution

Don’t let your desktop chain you down.