Mobile Apps and BYOT Development


Your enterprise can run on mobile and tablets and we know how. Realize the vision of Bring Your Own Technology (BYOT) and distributed workforces from home, regional offices and field work. Mobile solutions that integrate all your enterprise data and applications through iPad, phones, and tablets, for a mobile workforce that can work outside the office as easily as in the office. HingePoint, a Dallas TX systems development firm, has been an early pioneer in mobile, being one of the first to create mobile solutions for SharePoint, Autodesk, Adobe, and Oracle, even before those companies released mobile apps. Stay ahead of the curve and don’t delay on mobilizing your workforce.

Mobile and Tablet Development Solutions

  • Consulting with your organization to capture the Big Ideas in one of our Idea Labs. We can create systems to work the way you wished they would.
  • Development of secure mobile apps that fully leverage your enterprise security and systems. No reinventing of the wheel.
  • Design applications and processes around they way your teams and customers want to work, to make them the most productive and provide a fantastic user experience.
  • Mobile solutions for:
    • SharePoint Templates – responsive
    • Autodesk – BIM360 and Autodesk360 platforms
    • Buzzsaw, Buzzsaw mobile, Buzzsaw APIs to iPad Apps
    • Siebel for iPads
    • Google Earth for mobile phones and web apps

Mobile/Search Accolades

HingePoint is credited with these mobile innovations:

  • Getting SharePoint to run on an iPad in November 2010 when the iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The first to accomplish this to our knowledge and Microsoft’s.
  • First to get Autodesk Buzzsaw to run on the iPad in September 2010, a full 1.5 years ahead of Autodesk releasing an iPad App.
  • In 2011 we were the first company in North America and second company globally to create a private, secure Google Earth Enterprise solution

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