Create custom Google Earth applications and APIs. Search enterprise data, documents, and locations with the brilliance of using Google Earth. We do it is securely, searching your enterprise data and helping users find what they need quickly. Saving 100’s and 1000’s of hours in looking for documents distributed across computers, servers, and offices. Now you can search your systems and find all your information using Google earth and Google maps. Amazing!

Google Earth Consulting and Development Services

  • Consulting on the power of searching enterprise data using Google Earth, Google Maps and Bing Maps
  • Integrating your corporate data into Google Earth Builder
  • Securing user and group permissions to the level that will pass the toughest enterprise security tests
  • Combine mapping functionality into existing systems and applications
  • Optimize and upgrade your existing mapping capabilities
  • Custom Apps with the Google Earth APIs and Google Maps APIs

Contact HingePoint >> to learn more about the power of Google Earth and how to use it in your enterprise. If you use Google Maps a lot on your job, we can leverage it for your company.