Our Data Management Tools and Data Analysis Services

Stop manually creating reports, entering data and manually keeping your data clean; stop using data management tools that give you old, error-prone data

Data Cleansing, Scrubbing & Quality Services

Data Cleansing, Scrubbing & Quality Services

Some companies cannot make accurate decisions based on their data because it cannot be trusted

  • Be confident that your data is right
  • Clean and organize your data
  • Make timely decisions based on the data you have

Data Management Tools and Data Analysis Services

Data Automation & Management Tools

Data is the most valuable resource, but it creates problems if you don’t have the right data management tools

  • There’s too much
  • It’s unorganized
  • It requires many hours of manual work to get the critical data you need

Business Intelligence & Data Visualization

Many businesses don’t have the right tools to display and show info needed across the enterprise

  • Data automatically reports to you
  • Slice and dice, compare and contrast data
  • Find the critical data about your business when you need it

Before data can be analyzed, it needs to be cleaned, organized and automated

Be a Data-Powered Company, Get Control of Critical Data

Employee Data

Get accurate data on who your employees are and what they are working on

  • Be better at onboarding employees
  • Have a smooth payroll process
  • Have one source for your employee data

Financial Data

Instantly get simple, comprehensive views of the financial information you need

  • See trends and dig deep into your financial data
  • Quit manually entering data and manually building reports
  • visualize your data; No more scrolling through long lists of numbers.

Document Management

Many businesses don’t have the right tools to organize critical documents

  • Grant access to the right employees
  • Organize your documents so they are easy to find
  • Store your documents in one place where everyone can go to access them

You might not have Big Data, but you do have data that needs to be properly managed

The HingePoint Way

Detect, Collect and Project Your Data

Data Analysis

Data Analysis

We are data detectives. Our unique process determines what data you have and what data you need

  • We uncover your needs & create a roadmap to reach your goals
  • We dig through your data and analyze and detect it
  • We determine what kind of new data can be automated with new tools

Data Management

Data Management

Reduce manual work with better data management by integrating software, automating data and merging databases

  • Solutions gives you access to actionable data you need in one place
  • Let software shares data with other software
  • Combining databases and merging data for 25 years

Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Many businesses don’t have the right tools to display and show info needed across the enterprise

  • Data automatically reports to you
  • Slice and dice, compare and contrast data
  • Find the critical data about your business when you need it

Stop manually entering and tracking down data

Results Guaranteed, Literally Guaranteed

Our Unique Process is a Value Creation Process: transforming complexities into simplicities, creating multipliers to grow your business.

  • Experts in large-scale systems and software development and data management
  • Facilitating your ideas executed to achieve your objectives and results
  • Automate for efficiency and productivity

Some of Our Customers

Set Up My Free Consultation with HingePoint

HingePoint helped us discover and create the most mission critical deliverable in our division in 10 years. It’s changed our business. We couldn’t work without it.
VP of Product Design
The Idea Lab was the first time we’ve ever had the chance to imagine exactly how we wanted our systems to work, and someone deliver exactly that for us!
Director of Interior Design
I didn’t know we could brand and customize Buzzsaw. We just love how it looks now and it is so much easier to use.
Director of Business Systems
Automating user enrollment has been a life saver and taken a ton of work off my plate.
Buzzsaw Systems Administrator
This is the first time we’ve been able to get tools catered exactly to the job at hand, not being told by vendors or IT that it can’t be done.
Sr. Director of Design and Architechture
These consultants found ways to weave data from many of our tools into one perfectly simple solution we all use every day.
Construction Manager
No more confusion between Revit design documents and our Bill of Materials. Finally they are in sync!.
Director of Procurement
Estimates based directly off Revit files are like a dream come true. No more guess work on cost impacts.
Director of Engineering and Estimating
Using Google Earth to search Buzzsaw has made me want to use it again! Finally I can find what I’m looking for.
Sr. Director of Architecture
Our brand rollout has gone so smoothly, renovating over 300 stores, thanks to the custom tools that leveraged our existing Buzzsaw platform.
Architecture Design Firm