Use Aerial Drones, Integrated Software, & SharePoint to Verify Your Construction Site

Did they put the parking lot in the right place? Is it finished? These simple questions can now be answered with a drone. Drones are booming as new surveyors and to verify construction projects.

However, this information is being added to the deluge of other digital assets and cause organization and storage problems. Where are you going to put those JPEGs or videos? Where will you find them?

With HingePoint—even if you’re tagging your drone video in with an integration to ProCore—you need information on one screen. You still need it to talk with all your other software, like SharePoint, BIM 360, and PM Dash. With HingePoint, we’re your SharePoint integrators; we get your data organized and on one screen.

Who We Help

Commercial Real Estate Data Management

Real Estate Developers

We can collect all your data on one screen so you can spend less time finding important information about your company and spend more time making decisions. Automate back-office services like time tracking and financial reporting. We also build multiple, 3D prototypes to create better business plans.

Commercial Real Estate Data Management

Construction Contractors

HingePoint provides Autodesk consulting and development services to clients across the globe with specific focus on construction and manufacturing. We are a leading provider of Autodesk consulting solutions and offer expert Autodesk developers and CAD developers to create custom Autodesk solutions.


IT Leaders

We’re experts in enterprise software tools like SharePoint, SalesForce, Blue Beam, Office 365 and more. We can fix what is broken or we can transform how you work by automating manual tasks and making enterprise tools share data. You’ll spend more time collaborating and making decisions about your business.


3 Ways for Better Construction Verification

HingePoint's Real Estate Marketing Services

Survey flyover

Create video with drone footage to verify construction projects on a daily or weekly basis.

smartvid Package

Tag your drone footage using, which enables image and voice search for photos and videos.

BIM SharePoint Data Integration Commercial Real Estate

Integrate Software

Integrate ProCore, BIM360, PMDash, SharePoint, and RFI automation.

Packages We Sell

Bronze Drone Survey

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Silver Weekly Flyover-

Silver Weekly Flyover

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Platinum Integration

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